June 27th Mars has just entered the fire sign of Aires, Mars is enlivened in this area. Mars represents our activity level, motivation and energy plug in. Mars spent a little over a month in Pisces, since May 13th, acting out of creative or emotional responses to our actions. We focused more on how things felt with Mars in Pisces, going with the flow of things, maybe unmotivated to push through to completion. Mars now entering a fire sign, the energy of our actions can take on more urgency. Mars in Aires is the warrior energy, quick,driven,courageous and decisive. On the shadow side it can be aggressive,impulsive and arrogant.Moving forward is the goal, if you have projects that were left undone or need to start a project now is the time to motivate and launch something. Mars in Aires will be direct June 27th to Sept.8th. Using the timeframe between June 27th -July 25th can help activate plans, organize projects & get a jump on something that requires active engagement to see it through. July 25th Mars in Aires enters its shadow, the slowing down to eventually retrograde on September 9th. Mars in Aires energy can start to feel stuck or ineffective, a frustrating time if you count on keeping the pace. This is a time to make peace with delays and manage our anger. Taking things one day at a time, and making decisions on the short term versus commitment to a master plan. Patience is key during Mars retrograde, as frustrating energy can arise through roadblocks & delays. November 13th Mars stations direct and the forward movement picks up steam again. Mars stays in the sign of Aires until January 7, 2021!

🔥Readings are available through FaceTime/Video chat messenger/Skype. Stay Safe & Be Kind. ✨✨Laura

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