11/17/21 Mars Scorpio ☍opposing Uranus Taurus / Moon Taurus conjunct Uranus

Balancing an opposition is like riding a wave,
Maneuvering the board vs an out of control wipe out.

Mars in Scorpio is focused and intense raw energy, opposing Uranus in Taurus calling for change in a ever -so-slow manner, to the point of frustration ~ be aware of pulls in one direction without consideration of the consequences in the other direction. This will create tension if we go to one extreme today. Our emotional values in Taurus are taking care of our needs – staying sturdy on the wave of choice. Uranus conjunct the Moon points to flexibility needed for the unexpected to stay on course. Which wave is worthy of our time & energy? ✨

Keep in mind we are building towards a Full Moon 🌕 Taurus / Lunar Eclipse ( Ruled by Venus) on Friday heightened energy focused on completion or new beginnings within relationships, finances & resources .

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