Ellen McNally

“Having Laura read my birth chart was a very powerful experience. She was able to talk about the essence of who I am, in a way that I always found difficult to put into words or truly define. There is something comforting in someone saying, this is who you were born to be. We are always so hard on ourselves. It left me feeling more compassionate and appreciation for my authentic self. I came to Laura at a very stressful and challenging time in my life. Working with Laura became a wonderful way for me to appreciate that I was on the right path. Having her read my chart for the year ahead gave me a timeline on how things could progress energetically. It was uncanny how things truly did follow closely to that pattern. When you’re facing a tough decision or challenging time, fear of the unknown can feel paralyzing. I found strength to move forward from what Laura was able to share with me. I felt like I knew how to prepare myself. For me that was priceless. 
Lauras’ readings gave me hope for the future and validation that I am living the life I am meant to live. Thank you for doing what you do Laura!”