About Laura Taft

Astrology showed up in my life early and created a life long dialog with the stars.

I am self taught and studied in my 20’s & 30’s after raising a family I decided to get more serious about my astrological education.

I studied with Steven Forrest Apprenticeship at BlueSky Ranch California 2014-2017. I am listed on forrestastrology.com as a Steven Forrest trained astrologer. I am currently working on my Kepler College Professional Diploma in Astrology (KPD)2020- present. I use many different techniques during my readings such as Profections, secondary progressions, Solar Returns and declination to see the deeper patterns in a chart. All Readings can be customized to the clients needs.

I am actively studying and connecting with mentors & students alike, as well as doing astrological readings and teaching online. Astrology has been a lifelong passion and language with which I’ve looked at my world through, I’m thrilled to have come to the right time and space in my life to share it . It is interesting to look back at the cycles of our lives and piece together how our journeys unfolded and how they continue to unravel our destiny. I hope you enjoy my content and please connect with me if you are looking for a deeper dive into your path.


Astrology offers insight.