Even in these complicated modern times, an astrology natal chart still tells us so much about ourselves and the timeline of our human experience. It’s about understanding who we are, where we are at and why we have to go through the ups and the downs we all experience. Knowing your Natal Chart is like having an internal GPS to help us navigate our lives.


Our services are available by appointment via phone call, face time, Skype or What’s App. Our services are based on your birth date, time and place you were born.


Check out my monthly horoscope for insight on where the planets align with your zodiac sign and what that means for the weeks ahead!

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Astrology has changed my view on life. Read my story and see how astrology has led me to this point in my career.

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Laura Taft has been honing her skills as an astrologer for some time. It is evident by my last reading, that she prepared extensively for it. I admire her expanding her understanding of Astrology, she has been studying and seeking out valuable teachers. Astrology offers a roadmap to help guide us through, I can say I have benefited from my readings from Laura. Guided by the stars, planets and all the heavenly influences, she is a gifted Astrologer.

Irese S.