“Having Laura read my birth chart was a very powerful experience. She was able to talk about the essence of who I am, in a way that I always found difficult to putyou were born to be. We are always so hard on ourselves. It left me feeling more compassionate and appreciation for my authentic self. I came to Laura at a very stressful and challenging time in my life. Working with Laura became a wonderful way for me to appreciate that I was on the right path. Having her read my chart for the year ahead gave me a timeline on how things could progress energetically. It was uncanny how things truly did follow closely to that pattern. When you’re facing a tough decision or challenging time, fear of the unknown can feel paralyzing. I found strength to move forward from what Laura was able to share with me. I felt like I knew how to prepare myself. For me that was priceless.

Lauras’ readings gave me hope for the future and validation that I am living the life I am meant to live. Thank you for doing what you do Laura!”

Ellen McNally Rhode Island

Jodie Treloar, L.Ac with Drift Acupuncture & Wellness- Martha’s Vineyard

Laura read my chart in the fall, as I was transitioning off a job. It helped me refocus and conjure up some feelings/strength that were bubbling under the surface, in both my love life and work life. As the holiday season approached the universe helped set me on a new creative path that I ran with. It literally fell into my lap and has brought me new found strength and determination to move forward. I think sometimes “checking in” to see where your journey is trying to take you can be really beneficial. Sometimes you don’t listen to your inner voice until you hear it through another voice, if that makes sense. Thank you Laura! My January horoscope has been spot on FYI!

– Alexandra B Connecticut

Laura Taft has been honing her skills as an astrologer for some time. It is evident by my last reading, that she prepared extensively for it. I admire her expanding her understanding of Astrology, she has been studying and seeking out valuable teachers. Astrology offers a roadmap to help guide us through, I can say I have benefited from my readings from Laura. Guided by the stars, planets and all the heavenly influences, she is a gifted Astrologer.

– Irese S. Rhode Island

2/06/2022 I found Laura Taft through Fun Astrology with Thomas Miller and booked immediately after hearing her on the show. Laura’s gift of combining a deep understanding of astrology with compassion made for an amazing experience. She helped me focus on the important themes of the year and how to best navigate them. Laura’s genuine warmth and connection felt like I was talking with a trusted life long friend. I am looking forward to the year ahead with enthusiasm and my next reading with Laura. ~ Stephanie

Stephanie -North Carolina

01/29/2022 I just had an insightful and spot on reading with Laura Taft. Her genuine care and deep knowledge of astrology truly helped me as I navigate these new cycles in my life. She gave me journal prompts to help me get in touch with the energies I am currently surfing. Thank you, Laura.

Michelle -Rhode Island


Upon meeting Laura for the first time,
I immediately felt relaxed in her calm
My intention was to verify
what I had been feeling within,
(similar to turning on a light switch of
knowing). Laura created a six month
astrology reading.
Laura exceeded
my expectations. She read the last
few months stating events which had
already taken place, and by tuning
into the perfect words to describe
she gave more credence to the
reading. I felt that she was not only
reading my stars, but she was also
connecting with the universe to give
me specific messages. I have written
down the dates in my calendar she
mentioned to be aware of and am
excited to see what happens! Laura,
using astrology, has given me a time
line for what I have been internally
aware of. I feel like I’ve been given a
mini quide book for the next few
months. I loved the reading so much
that I am gifting a birth chart reading
to both my kids. Fun and helpful!

Jill – Texas


I was looking to find out about where my career was heading, and instead got so much more! Laura’s technique was very thorough in making sure you understood what she was saying and how she came up with the information she was providing. The way she explained the transiting chart made complete sense ( if the planets go through other signs, and it is as above so below, humans can as well.) and it gave me a new perspective on astrology and what it means to me.

I have had other astrology readings, but this one made the most sense to me personally. Thank you Laura, and you will be hearing from me again!

S.Thacker- Iowa


Laura is a skilled and insightful Astrologer, you can tell she definitely cares about the client as she wants to make sure that the client is comfortable with their unique chart and also understands the gifts the chart brings for the client. She affirmed what I have been feeling and was also charming and funny during the experience. If you are unsure if you should book with her, I highly encourage you to do so.

J.R. Rochester, Ma.


My astrology reading with Laura, was better than any psychotherapy session I could have undertaken. My initial reason for seeking her out was to discuss relationship patterns. She explained my North and South nodes positions and how they affect my behaviors, my progressed sun, which clarified why I don’t always feel like my sun sign, my profection year in my second house, with suggestions of dealing with that energy, and my out of bound Moon, among other things. Having said all this, I feel Laura’s reading explained what I have been questioning all my life.

Arlene- Massachusetts


My experience with Laura Taft and her gift for Astrology readings was incredible. I found her through the Fun Astrology Podcast with Thomas Miller and was so pleased with her explanations of my birth chart. She gave me clarity and alignment for what “comes easy” to me and what aligns with flow and ease. Life isn’t meant to be hard and I know the universe supports me, so her reading was a gentle reminder of my strengths. I even cried once because my chart indicates that I have a tendency toward self-worth struggles, but this is actually my greatest attribute because I am on a mission to teach it. I highly recommend a chart reading with Laura Taft! She helped me catapult into my next chapter in life.

Laura M. California

May 14,2022

“I booked my first ever Birth Chart reading with Laura Taft, as a Mother’s Day gift from my husband. I am a daily follower/listener of Thomas Miller’s Fun Astrology podcast and his episodes on the three astrology readers, helped me to find my reader, Laura Taft. Each had their outstanding qualities but something about Laura Taft resonated with me and after a few clicks, I had booked . It’s taken me a while to write my review because honestly, it was a lot to process. Laura reaffirmed details of my natal chart that I have been studying and analyzing but what I really found to be truly magical was her interpretation of my progressed chart and what I should expect 5 years from now… let me just say, everyone needs a reading and Laura Taft is the astrologer to do it!”

Laura R. Texas

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September 12,2022

I can’t say enough good things about my reading with Laura! I booked a 6 month ahead reading and not only did she prepare me for the 6 months ahead, we also reviewed some big pieces of my natal chart that I had questions and confusion about. Walking away from this reading I feel inspired to study astrology more deeply, I feel a great sense of relief at having some difficult aspects and transits of my chart fully explained to me, and I feel better prepared for the upcoming months! Thank you for all of your work Laura, and for sharing your time and energy with me. I look forward to more readings in the future!

Anna P. Pennsylvania

August 2022

I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you Laura Taft. Laura is the real deal, her particular perspective to the transits and alignments actually put some of my internal fears at rest. Even the one possibly challenging aspect was explained to me in such a way that I could actually see the positives and potential opportunities that could come from it. She is easy to talk to, a great listener and seems to at times have an innate understanding just from looking at current positions, of what struggles may be presenting themselves. Listen, I could go on and on but the short of it is that meeting with Laura is like grabbing a glass of wine, sitting with an old friend and having a heart to heart, only she actually has guidance to offer…rather than a friend “Oh girl what were you thinking” response I often get from mine…lol. She is without a doubt, someone I refer to now as ‘my astrologer’ but secretly feel like she’s an old friend who has my best interest at heart always.

Brenda G Vermont

November 2022

“I had an astrology reading with Laura yesterday and it was amazing.  She was very well spoken and thorough with the information. She covered topics that have been going on in my life for the past year and then covered what will be coming up for me in the future and everything she shared really felt spot on. 5 stars for Laura and will recommend her to friends and family.” 

Liz H. Colorado