Our services are available by appointment via phone call, face time, Skype or What’s App. Our services are based on your birth date, time and place you were born.

Please Note: Once you purchase a service below, I will contact you to schedule within 24 hours.


60 MIN $100

Learn and explore your astrological birth chart,also referred to as your natal chart.You will learn about your personal planets and aspects that create your chart. The way to visualize this is, imagine on the day you were born a cosmic camera took a snapshot of the sky….this is your birth chart. In your chart lies the details that describe your personality,personal style, natural abilities,strengths,weaknesses and blind spots.The birth chart also points out solutions to grow and evolve. Our birth chart maps out arenas of life we can examine and move forward in a conscious way. Astrology is an amazing tool to understand who we are on a deeper level. In addition to exploring your chart ,we can also discuss how your birth chart relates to specific
areas of life:

*Health and functionality
*Family and ancestral connections
*Self care and improvement


60 MIN $150

I will focus on a smaller time frame forecast for tuning into a cycle that is coming up for you that you’d like to explore. The transits can come with an opportunity to expand and grow in different areas or where we may need to pull back, be conservative and tune into self care. Insight to our individual patterns and timing cycles show up in our charts ,this reading we can discuss a specific time frame.

You may want to look into topics such as your quality of health ,relationship energy, financial outlook, career change, start a new educational period, learning a new skill, or a time of reflection, or an abundance of opportunity where action is called for!

These topics and more all can be explored within your personal chart communicating with the present cycles or transits.


90 MIN $175

A 12 month predictive forecast is to examine the transits and how they communicate with your personal birth chart. Looking ahead to see the cycles of the planets move through the different arenas of your chart. The planets have different speeds making one part of your chart experience life at a quicker pace,where other planets might set up shop in one area that is designed to teach us very thoroughly over time.

Astrology is a road map in a sense or a magical cosmic lens which can focus and zoom in on specific areas of life. This is a great reading for timing your plans or validating and mapping out your intentions for a new year. Transits show us were you have more energy for growth, time for building, space to learn, desire for deep healing and the list goes on.

You can come with questions about where you’d like to focus this reading . The definition of Insight is the act of apprehending the inner nature of things or seeing intuitively. Astrology gives us the tools of greater insight. I also work with timing techniques such as secondary progressions and annual profections.