Full Moon in Leo 2-5-2023

Full Moon 🌕 Leo

Today the helpful, waxing gibbous Cancer Moon, in her dignity & out of bounds, builds towards a Full Moon ~ Cancer’s emotional intelligence is sensitive, compassionate and tuned inwards. Sun in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus awakening our minds to what feels stuck and needs a different approach.Breakthroughs and insights can be enlightening if we are able to see things differently.

The Aquarius Sun is up for the challenge of change, try to be more flexible and open to new ideas as this feels like forward movement.Much needed change, since Mar’s long Retrograde through Gemini and Mercury Retrograde through Capricorn.

Just before the Leo Full Moon on Sunday, Venus in Pisces squares Mars in Gemini ~ these two mutable signs are very interested by each other. Venus in Pisces is in her exaltation, and is known as the kindest Venus. The unconditional love energy is very tolerant of the cerebral flexibility that Mars in Gemini spins. Mars square Venus creates tension ~ together this can be exciting or mildly irritating depending on how adaptable you are.

The Full Moon 16 Leo/Aquarius Sun 16 forms a T-square to Uranus at 15 Taurus. Be conscious of impulsiveness or quick decisions. Uranus’s electric energies are turned up during this Full Moon, which in general a Leo Moon wants to have fun, let it’s hair down, and be honest about it’s feelings.

A good Moon to spend time with close friends and family to enjoy what you love. Mars in Gemini sextile Chiron in Aries has some healing words that could be unexpectedly shared too.

Thank you ~ Laura

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Mercury Stations Direct in Capricorn

January 16 2023

Moon in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus early morning, go easy with caffeine today! Scorpio Moon can be focused on a feeling ~ Uranus in Taurus shakes things free, if you go with the flow. Mars in Gemini direct, still at 08 degrees needs time to pick up speed. Be patient, Mercury (ruler of Gemini) is still retrograde in Capricorn at 08 degrees forming an aversion towards each other. Not quite understanding what the other needs, they don’t see each other clearly-this breaks up around January 26th -Step by step!

January 18th Mercury stations direct, as Sun & Pluto in Capricorn conjoin, this feels like an empowering day of knowing change is coming or a clarity of decision.

January 20 Sun enters Aquarius applying to Jupiter in Aries ~ super hopeful and enlightening energy, the fresh air needed. January 21st A New Moon at the very start of Aquarius Season sets the tone of the lunar cycle ahead. Ideas, concepts, connections and communications are energized. Independent thinking, innovative, creative actions can get the ball rolling. Mars in Gemini direct enjoys this encouraging and interesting Aquarius New Moon.

January 22-23rd Venus in Aquarius catches Saturn in Aquarius – this energy works best with independent work, mental preparation, personal tasks, getting things organized. The Aquarius Moon & Gemini Mars this day will be working in unison, doubling down on paperwork or communications.

Uranus in Taurus stations direct~ time to integrate changes for more simplicity , release complexity on 23rd sending all the planets forward until April 22,2023.

January 24-25th Moon in Aries conjunct Jupiter is excited and courageous initiating plans moving forward. The Sun/Jupiter sextile is stimulating our personal growth. It’s time.

January 26th Venus enters Pisces in her exalted place, her most compassionate & inspired place. Take the time to enjoy relationships, as Evening Star Venus takes her vacation in Pisces until February 20th.

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Pisces Moon & A New Year!

Waxing Crescent Moon in Pisces ♓️

Dec 28, 2023

Waxing Crescent Moon in Pisces, increasing its light, desiring to manifest something from the New Moon on December 23rd. The cycle grows towards the Full Moon in Cancer January 6th Today’s Pisces Moon is applying to Neptune Pisces – brings a dreamy quality, imaginative, elusive and tuned into nature. Use this natural telepathic energy to be creative or tap into music. Mercury in Capricorn ~ stations and turns Retrograde early Thursday morning. Venus in Capricorn conjoins Mercury Rx hours later to bring grounded connection, helpful energy and begins to revisit communication in a meaningful way. January 1st 2023 just after the New Year Ball is dropped, Venus conioins Pluto in Capricorn-the heart of the matter is honesty, true feelings with loved ones.Very transformative vibes.

January 1st-Moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus in Taurus early evening, may surprise us, stay true to your feelings yet try to be open & spontaneous. Venus in Capricorn rules the Moon/Uranus conjunction~ love & finances highlighted.

The Sun in Capricorn squares Chiron in Aries shining a bright light on forgiveness, anything living rent free in your head can be evicted!! A New Year to move forward, Jupiter in Aries supports this, with opportunity to progress. Jupiter presently ruled by Mars Rx Gemini finally stations direct January 12th (Retrograde since October 30th)

Mercury in Capricorn follows on January 18th as it stations direct.

Uranus in Taurus direct on January 23rd- which interestingly signals a sky full of direct planets, no retrogrades until April 21,2023!

Wishing you a Healthy New Year

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New Moon in Capricorn ✨

December 23,2022

New Moon 01’32” degrees of Capricorn

Sun & Moon Square Jupiter 00’15″Aries. This Cardinal energy of Earth & Fire together in a activated square~ can ignite what has been waiting for the Moon & Sun to confirm. Capricorn wants to create a foundation or make plans and Jupiter just says-Yes, enthusiastically. The climb begins, the story moves forward, the plans are made, the mission is on. Venus in Capricorn is still trine Uranus in Taurus electrifying the connectivity and the unexpected elements in relationships or finances. Especially on December 29th Venus & Mercury both at 24 degrees Capricorn. Venus has now joined the night sky as a visible Evening star.

Mercury stationing to go Retrograde the next day, will revisit themes from mid December.

Also Mercury Retrograde is closely aspecting Truth sayer Pluto & Elusive Neptune. This feels like a intuitive clue, or insight to information that may come to light on January 6th ~The First Full Moon 2023 🌕

Evening Love Song

“Ornamental clouds

compose an evening love song;

a road leaves evasively.

The new moon begins, a new chapter of our nights, of those frail nights

we stretch out and which mingle with these black horizontals.”

-Rainer Maria Rilke

New Moon rituals & intentions will have extra juice in them with Jupiter in Aries involvement!

Sending inspiration ✨

Peace & Health,


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December 20,2022

Jupiter in Aries

Jupiter ingresses into Aries today, leaving his home sign of Pisces for the next 11 years….It takes Jupiter 12 years to move through the 12 signs of the zodiac. Pisces represents our inclusive and compassionate energy, transiting Jupiter there, we experienced more emotional generosity and inspiration. In early 2022, we may have really been inspired to take a leap of faith during the Jupiter.Neptune conjunction in April, are you able to continue that inspired quest? Are you ready to step it up a notch or completely regroup and start something fresh? Jupiter is known as the “Great Benefic” generous in growth,opportunity, and exploration of the area it transits in your chart. Learning and traveling can be part of the new journey we are embarking on.

Today Jupiter’s entrance into Aries continues the head strong intuitive qualities to come forward and pioneer your path. May through October, Jupiter had its first run through Aries, now through May 16th~ it is direct motion with a experimental, forward thinking plan.

December 21st Happy Winter Solstice! “May the long night make the light sweeter” Capricorn season begins with a square to Jupiter in Aries. Capricorn’s discipline & leadership meet the invitation of something exciting or invigorating. This involves risk, stepping outside the normal range, which may come naturally as the Moon, Venus, Mercury & Mars all out of bounds. We must be responsible for our own growth!

Grounded Venus in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus, may bring unforeseen and exciting butterflies of a love connection or lucky financial flurries. December 23rd Heralds a Capricorn New Moon, on the edge of Holiday season. An indication of serious opportunities that we may need to initiate or organize with a separating square to Jupiter in Aries. Set your intentions for 2023 Jupiter in Aries is ready.

December 24th Xmas Eve-Capricorn moon conjunction Pluto in Capricorn- Strong emotions may be present, think of the words: is it kind, is it true, is it necessary. Let peace prevail.

December 25th- Aquarius Moon will trine Mars R× Gemini ~ lots of social media therapy. Aquarius Moon square the Nodes ( and Uranus) ~ today forget the past, be spontaneous and enjoy the moment.

Wishing you a Peaceful & Healthy holiday season!


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December 14, 2022 Sagittarius ♐️Sun square Neptune ♓️Pisces

Magic in the Air

Today the Sagittarius Sun and Neptune Direct in Pisces are in exact square to each other and both in strong Jupiter ruled signs. ✨Currently transiting Jupiter in Pisces is at its final degree, pushing its projected ideal wish or dream. Neptune in Pisces stationed direct December 3rd, turning up the intuition about a dream that has stuck with us through this year. 2022 has inspired us to expand a vision, to have faith in or believe strongly that the future can be what we hoped for.

A square aspect creates a bit of tension, which can encourage action, but too much tension creates stress. The Sagittarius Sun may have an ideal in mind wether an adventure, a project or a person. Neptune in Pisces blurs the focus and enjoys the synchronicity, the magical, and spiritual side of life. The imagination can be exceptionally strong today. Our enthusiasm towards escape can be highlighted, our thoughts can scatter. Trying to focus on details or an intensive workload may prove frustrating, we may just not have the fuel.

Looking at the strengths of a Sun/Neptune connection, we can be very creative. Brainstorming a new idea, inventing a different approach to your projects, slowing down to contemplate, daydreams become more colorful. Both planets are of the Mutable quality, nothing is set in stone, adapting to the current energy is a strength.

Earth Element is also strong today, with Virgo Moon trine Venus in Capricorn this afternoon, this helps keep us grounded and a bit more realistic about the workload. Using today to ( at the very least) look at New year planner, look at the calendar for 2023 and think about how you might organize or align with your ideals for the future. ✨

Peace, Health and Happiness ,


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Full Moon in Gemini🌕♊️December 7,2022

Full Moon 🌕 Gemini ♊️

December 7th 2023 11:07pm EST

The Full Moon in Gemini will be closely conjunct Mars Retrograde in Gemini, in opposition to the Sagittarius Sun. This opposition of air element ( Gemini) and fire element (Sagittarius) can speak out with strong emotion, a quickness of thought, energized feelings left over from the New Moon Solar Eclipse back on October 25th. This is first Full Moon since the eclipses, giving us a lot to talk about.

The Full Moon is loosely squared to Neptune in Pisces that stationed direct on December 3rd. A heightened sensitivity could be the energy, reminding us of memories from September 20th, where Mars in Gemini was transiting at same degree, in direct motion. What was going on during that time, is it getting revived emotionally? If so, you now can deal with it from a position of strength, courage and hopefully wisdom from the past experience. Recalculate the way you’d like to play the game, Mars Rx Gemini full of options, strategies, opinions and emotions on this full moon.

Communication and emotions are going to feel especially “full” on December 7/8th. We have a number of Out of Bounds planets. The Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars are all outside of the normal orbit range the usually participate in. OOB planets feel as if they’re playing the game with their own rules, zany energy, unexpected feelings or impulsive blurt outs can happen. OOB planets is just another tool to describe the flavor of the energy of that planet~ if there are boundaries, OOB planets have no problem jumping over them.

By Christmas Day, December 25th Moon,Mercury, Venus will all be back in normal declination range.

✨Take note of December and the interesting , rule breaking energies of those personal planets . Venus & Mercury will come back to the night sky ~ we can see them just after sunset & twilight now. Mars Rx will continue doing his own thing OOB style until May 5th, but leaves Gemini finally on March 25th.

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Sagittarius Season ♐

Sagittarius Season / Jupiter Direct ✨

Nov 13-20th a wave of Scorpio ♏️ planets making trine aspects to Jupiter ♓️ Stationing direct. Decisions based on feelings & a little faith helps us move forward.
Nov 16th Venus, the planet of attraction, beauty and connection has entered the sign of Sagittarius, more light and positivity is available to see the big picture ♐️ 🔥
Nov 17th Mercury enters Sagittarius ♐️ Ideas fueled by optimism, increase possibilities and social communications.
Nov 18th Mars Retrograde Gemini square Neptune in Pisces- the challenge is organizing or recalculating our activities with an open mind & flexible options. Adjustments & changes are expected.
Nov 22nd The Sun enters Sagittarius ♐️ we are philosophers at heart, the sun is highlighting what inspires us. ✨
New Moon in Sagittarius Nov 23rd trine✨strong Jupiter in Pisces stationing direct ~Have faith & trust this chapter or path you find yourself on.
Hint : Jupiter in Pisces ♓️ was at this same spot May 2, 2022. What was happening in the Spring that inspired you?

“Believe in your heart that you’re meant to live a life full of passion, purpose, magic and miracles.”
Roy T. Bennett – The Light in the Heart.

Peace & Love


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Jupiter RX Pisces October 27/28 2022

Jupiter reenters Pisces ♓️ Retrograde

Neptune in Pisces Retrograde 23 in square aspect to Mars Gemini Retrograde 25 = Slowing down time, recalculate your course, you can’t do everything at once. Something is ready to be released, changing our minds or strategizing through intuition.

Saturn Direct 18 in Aquarius in square aspect to Uranus Retrograde Taurus 17 = work at your individuality, forward movement through changes can reactivate what you’ve been working on since Spring of 2021.

Jupiter Retrograde 29 reentered Pisces for 7 weeks~ An inspiration breathes life back into a dream. Think April 12-13th of 2022 Jupiter conjunct Neptune, what was your ideal vision of the future? Jupiter moves direct in Pisces on November 24th.

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Peace & Health



Partial Solar Eclipse Scorpio

October 25,2022

The New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse is at 02 degrees of Scorpio conjunct Venus in Scorpio 02’39”. A New Moon grants us time to dream, and acknowledge the quiet energy we need to create. A time of germinating a seed or planting an intention.

The Moon is symbolic of our emotions, our deep inner world and what truly makes our heart happy. Venus in Scorpio is very closely connected to this New moon. Venus symbolizes love, enjoyment,values, sociability, money, and relationship. When Venus transits through Scorpio, she is more sensitive to these topics. Relationships have the potential to be transformational, through intuition and sensing something beginning to seed. We are now tapping into these Scorpio energies, allowing us to sense the mystery and synchronicity of emotions with others. There is a level of risk involved, Scorpio is protective, private and very observant.Becoming vulnerable is an unsung strength. It can be scary yet emotionally rewarding.✨

The New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Scorpio falls on the South Node of the Moon

An opportune time to let go of the past that prevents you from moving forward. South node Eclipses release old seeds. Scorpio can be psychic energy that keeps you connected to old wounds or habitual responses. “Psychic surgery” is a term I like to use as visualization tool to cut out that link to another time, place or person that no longer assists us. Let that shit go.🖤

Pluto in Capricorn 26 is in separating square to this New Moon/ Solar Eclipse,adding a level of empowerment to ourselves through change & releasing. The energy is not new, it is old. Closing an account before we open a new one, is sound advise. Mars in Gemini 25, is stationed in the sky, very slow, ready to retrograde on Oct 31. Pluto & Mars are the traditional and modern rulers of Scorpio. They have an adjustment period through these changes. Themes are courage through communication and authentic changes.

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer.Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world” – Harriet Tubman ✨

Peace 🖤


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