11/17/21 Mars Scorpio ☍opposing Uranus Taurus / Moon Taurus conjunct Uranus

Balancing an opposition is like riding a wave,
Maneuvering the board vs an out of control wipe out.

Mars in Scorpio is focused and intense raw energy, opposing Uranus in Taurus calling for change in a ever -so-slow manner, to the point of frustration ~ be aware of pulls in one direction without consideration of the consequences in the other direction. This will create tension if we go to one extreme today. Our emotional values in Taurus are taking care of our needs – staying sturdy on the wave of choice. Uranus conjunct the Moon points to flexibility needed for the unexpected to stay on course. Which wave is worthy of our time & energy? ✨

Keep in mind we are building towards a Full Moon 🌕 Taurus / Lunar Eclipse ( Ruled by Venus) on Friday heightened energy focused on completion or new beginnings within relationships, finances & resources .


Jupiter in Capricorn ♑️ Stations Direct ✨ 9/13

Look to areas in your life where you can expand, even if it is small. Use your resources to create opportunity right where you are. ✨Staying grounded is the key 🔑

Jupiter entered the sign of Capricorn, December 2, 2019. After being in it’s home sign of Sagittarius, where the strength of Jupiter was at its optimum. We may have experienced lots of growth & opportunities that felt like they were destined to be. I hope you said Yes! in 2019 and squeezed some of the gifts that optimistic Sagittarius ruled Jupiter could give. We were able to see a very big picture. We also may have bit off more than we could chew, but experience-wise it was an adventure to say the least! Fast forward to 2020 we are in a Capricorn Jupiter year ruled by Saturn. The influence of Saturn with the planet of opportunities ( Jupiter) is a more subdued growth, that we’ve needed to put extra work into. As we know, the energy this year has been the big challenge. Moving forward has had its roadblocks and shut downs but through the lens of Jupiter there is always hope and the faith to get where we are going. Jupiter has been accompanied by Pluto ( truth & transformation) and Saturn(structure & patience & obedience ) a very strong combination of planets communicating in the sign of Capricorn, an earth element trying to stabilize & build with these energies. May 15th we saw Jupiter station retrograde, as the planet does during its yearly transit through each sign. Retrogrades can have us look back on what we’ve learned or show us how to upgrade in the present~ what isn’t working & how to regroup~ it is a process. Jupiter is the experience. Growing pains this year, have been very challenging & staying grounded wasn’t an easy task, but with planning,faith, and breathing!!✨ we could move forward. A ‘stationing’planet is the space between retrograde and direct motion, it is a strong space of time,Jupiter has been at the 17th degree of Capricorn since August 24th, and will stay concentrated on that degree till October 1st. Those with Capricorn personal planets & any Cardinal signs that are around that degree, (Cancer, Aires, Libra) have felt it the strongest. Jupiter rules generosity and during this time, hopefully we have used our gifts to help & assist others. What comes around goes around energy. Jupiter in Capricorn if disciplined and committed, can create a step-by-step approach to realizing their goals.This is the blessing we have worked hard for. ✨

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Peace✨ Laura



June 27th Mars has just entered the fire sign of Aires, Mars is enlivened in this area. Mars represents our activity level, motivation and energy plug in. Mars spent a little over a month in Pisces, since May 13th, acting out of creative or emotional responses to our actions. We focused more on how things felt with Mars in Pisces, going with the flow of things, maybe unmotivated to push through to completion. Mars now entering a fire sign, the energy of our actions can take on more urgency. Mars in Aires is the warrior energy, quick,driven,courageous and decisive. On the shadow side it can be aggressive,impulsive and arrogant.Moving forward is the goal, if you have projects that were left undone or need to start a project now is the time to motivate and launch something. Mars in Aires will be direct June 27th to Sept.8th. Using the timeframe between June 27th -July 25th can help activate plans, organize projects & get a jump on something that requires active engagement to see it through. July 25th Mars in Aires enters its shadow, the slowing down to eventually retrograde on September 9th. Mars in Aires energy can start to feel stuck or ineffective, a frustrating time if you count on keeping the pace. This is a time to make peace with delays and manage our anger. Taking things one day at a time, and making decisions on the short term versus commitment to a master plan. Patience is key during Mars retrograde, as frustrating energy can arise through roadblocks & delays. November 13th Mars stations direct and the forward movement picks up steam again. Mars stays in the sign of Aires until January 7, 2021!

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“Just because a sea is calm doesn’t mean that you can believe in its stillness.”
― Anthony T. Hincks

Lately I’ve been watching survival stories, anything that involves a true adventure at sea with all its up’s and down’s and quick decisions, is the most satisfying. The challenging times we are in currently remind me of the ocean and its unpredictability. A sailor needs many tools and skills up her/his sleeve to move through the energy of the moment. In a storm, setting yourself up for the best possible situation is key. All the details that go into preparedness flood the mind…. what sails to use, safety precautions, food and drink near by to sustain your eminent battle with mother nature. The amount of faith you put in your boat and yourself, as you navigate through theses waters is a magical thing to experience. Gemini is an air sign ruling those winds of change, adaptability and dexterity. Looking forward into the new social norm brings a curiosity and heightened cleverness of how to connect and communicate. These are the gifts of Gemini.

The Sun has entered Gemini to shine its rays on Venus Retrograde, Mercury in Gemini, and the New Moon on May 22nd. Highlighting our communication and eventually connecting us through cautious phases during this Covid 19 pandemic. Venus Retrograde in Gemini (May13-June25) Venus is the planet of connection, love and what we value, during a retrograde cycle we can reflect on those themes and restructure what needs adjustment. Last time we experienced a Venus Retrograde in Gemini was 8 years ago in 2012…..think back to that summer and try to recall what happened in your life? Ask yourself how you may have changed and grown since then.

Venus retrogrades can feel like a time out, which may alienate those close to you, yet listening to your inner guide during this time is wise. Like a sailor holding the helm contemplating the wind speed or the flow of the swell, it is intuitive and internally felt. Mercury in Gemini is mentally alert and may help you communicate those feelings from a emotionally detached position, stated simply with facts. With that said, there is another piece to this astrological puzzle, Neptune in Pisces 20 degrees is in square aspect to both Venus & Mercury in Gemini at 20 degrees. Neptune in Pisces joining the conversation adds some confusion here, a touch of fantasy or a disappearance of clarity. On a higher note, Neptune calls in faith and can ramp up creative juices, remaining open minded (Mercury) can create many opportunities with resources (Venus) around you. This square aspect moves on and Neptune revisits Venus Direct in Gemini again on July 27th .

Friday May 22,2020 Gemini New Moon 02 degrees ~ New Moons are the start of a fresh lunation cycle. We are deep into the month of May, the darkest moon resets and starts its quest for fullness. On the cusp of Summer and adjusting to a new world that has experienced a major change of living day to day, we are asked to be flexible and conscious of how we affect those around us. Something to contemplate. Gemini energy thrives on information, adapting to what new horizons may bring. We may experience a restless sense of curiosity, calculating and managing the unknown. Set your intentions on this New Moon as it also favorably trines Saturn in Aquarius, a realistic yet innovative approach to your new reality is a great topic to ponder. Like a sailor on the sea, we need to adjust our sails as the winds dictate our course on moving forward.

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We are presently under a Taurus Moon, ruled by Venus the goddess of beauty, music, art, desires, values, finances & partners. We can find pleasure today in whatever appeals to our senses. We are embodied with Taurus energy in the waxing crescent phase, inspiring us to head out into the world with enthusiasm & hopeful thinking. Jupiter in grounded Capricorn Sextile Neptune in Optimistic Pisces forms a connection to this Venus ruled Taurus Moon, the mood is relaxed & we can engage spiritual insights or the pleasure of being of service to others through compassion. Count your blessings and bloom where you are planted today .🌙🌸🌿🌸🌿🌿🌸🌿🌿🌙♉️♓️♑️



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Venus the planet of love, pleasure, art, attraction and money moves into passionate and blazing fire sign of Aires today. Venus in this sign operates on impulses, asserts her own interests, she is courageous in love. This is a very different energy from the flowing sensitivity of Venus in Pisces, who can sense other people’s needs, bends to make peace and is a romantic at heart. A few celebrities demonstrate the differences: Priscilla Presley, Donatella Versace , Patsy Cline and Marilyn Monroe all have Venus in Aires vs. Maya Angelou, Steve Erwin, Kurt Cobain, Billie Holiday were born with Venus in Pisces. Venus creates the law of attraction within us by doing what we naturally love.

Venus enters Aires (3:46 pm EST 2/7/20) and about 2 hours later the waxing gibbous Moon enters Leo, creating a harmonious trine aspect between the two. Leo Moons are colorful, vivacious and draws us to social energy for the pure entertainment of it. The Sun is ruled by Leo and Mars is ruled by Aires together these fiery energies can relate to the masculine energy being pumped into this connected trine. Excitement, action, creation, and impulsiveness can work favorably today. Enjoy the Full Moon in Leo on Sunday February 9th as Mars in Sagittarius will add more fun and adventure to the day . Use this day to be free and go where ever the energy takes you!



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I love a Cancer Moon. Each month when the Moon quiets down after a busy few days in Gemini, communicating and touching base with everything. We now can breathe deeper and look into what we need on a personal level. The crab is a cautious creature , eyes up sensing everything around her, making sure she is in a safe position and ready to retreat at the slightest sign of danger. The Moon in Cancer is in it’s dignity, she is strong and expresses herself well under this sign of sensitivity and feeling emotion. During the next few days Moon in Cancer will Trine Mercury , Neptune, Venus in Pisces, this is an opportunity to harmonize your life by slowing it down, connecting to your intuition and making choices through how you feel. Its not a force it kind of vibe, let it go or deal with it later. Mercury in Pisces will assist with sincere communications, Neptune tunes into the heart through dreams, while Venus loves the extra attention from the Cancer Moon . With Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn energy still creating potent, big challenges to authority in the world, we as individuals can take a time out in Canceranian fashion. Take time out from Political information, challenging people, social media, take time to be home, bake something delicious, walk the beach, call your mother, connect with your inner circle….you get the drift. I truly love a Cancer Moon to surrender to those nurturing self care moments, even after a long day at work . We are in a Waxing Gibbous Moon phase growing to a Full Moon in Leo on Sunday, the energy changes significantly. 🔥🔥🔥 Enjoy this Moon Time.



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Sextile energies are typically harmonious, yet assertive communication between two planets, energizing the connection with a little more caffeinated buzz. Mars in Sagittarius sextile Mercury in Aquarius is a stimulating aspect where conversations, mental work, creative problem solving, planning and plotting out a future adventure, or travelling and exploring in general are attractive. Ideas can be more openly discussed and actions taken in the spirit of the restless sextile that is looking for an outlet to plug into. Use it to your advantage and think out loud today. Monday the Moon moves into Pisces and floats towards Venus and Neptune squaring Mars in Sagittarius, which energetically cools the intensity, that Mercury /Mars fired up on Saturday.



A New Moon is a conjunction between the Sun and the Moon, this merging to the exact degree has powerful strength as an aspect. New Moons symbolize the beginning of lunar cycle, where we can clear out the recent past and set a new intention for the start of the next cycle to come.The fresh cycle of the Aquarian Sun shines a radical, progressive and independent solar energy onto the Aquarius New Moon. A New Moon is the darkest phase, in Aquarius it is feeling emotional freedom through detachment and observing the collective energy. Combining the two, we can see our individuality much clearer, apart from others. Where do we need to step out in our unique expression of ourselves? Does it matter what other people think? Can we articulate what our unique visions for the future look like? These ideas or thoughts can be birthed on this New Moon, if we step out in our own shoes.
These are some Aquarian keywords to jump start your thoughts for your own intentions with this New moon: Invention, objectivity, outgoing, equality, eccentric, fellowship, rebellion, genius, innovative, unconventional, humanitarian, visionary, eccentric and individuality.

Musicians reach out to humanity and express themselves through words and sound. To illustrate this energy, here is a short list of those Aquarian Sun natives that have inspired us with there unique brand of self expression.

Neil Diamond, Seal, Garth Brooks, Robert Nesta Marley, Wolfgang Mozart, Justin Timberlake, Axl Rose, Billy Ocean, Phil Collins, Aaron Neville, Peter Gabriel, Alycia Keys, Rick James, Henry Rollins, Steve Perry, Roberta Flack, Lucinda Williams, Johnny Rotten, Sam Cooke, Sonny Bono, J.Cole, Sheryl Crow, Carole King, Alice Cooper,Yoko Ono, Shakira, The Weeknd, Kid Cudi….All have broken the mold of what it means to them, to be a musician. Aren’t we lucky to experience these original expressions, I can’t imagine the music world without these trail blazers.This is true Aquarian soul energy on display.

During this New Moon, we also have a few interesting sparks of complimentary energy that we could use to our advantage, as we create any new intentions for the month ahead.Jupiter in Capricorn sextiles Venus in Pisces , can help project friendliness and make good first impressions. Mars in Sagittarius sextiles Mercury in Aquarius can inspire opportunity through mental work, planning future projects or deals, and in general a positive and productive energy to work your unique Aquarian New Moon magic on the world.
Just a reminder, we still are in process of the Capricorn Pluto/Saturn conjunction which isn’t far off from this New Moon. Aquarius & Capricorn are ruled by the planet Saturn, new intentions can be genius by blending innovation and the wisdom of practicality.



The opposition of the Cancer Moon and the Capricorn Sun/Mercury can create a thoughtful balance and compensate for the weaknesses on either side, if we stay conscious of today’s energies.It can also create irritation and friction if you allow emotional triggers to get the best of you. Today we benefit from respectful words that heal and unify. The intuitive and emotional sensitivities of Cancer are strong. The Capricorn sun’s strict routine today can become more flexible by understanding and tuning into others feelings. Soften this opposition of the Moon & Sun along with the wild card of eclipse energy, by nurturing your needs and allow others the space to do the same.☮️