undefinedThere is a cycle of healing energy moving through Aries, allowing you to set your own course, learn from the past and use your creativity to help others and yourself . Follow through with plans connected to higher learning and travel and journal ideas you extract from these experiences,you can use this inspiration for the new year. Your 10th house of career creates sparks of ingenuity from Jupiter and Venus in Capricorn, you can push forward and work out the kinks with positive action.Mars your ruling planet in Scorpio keeps the focus razor sharp.Some innovative ideas could come into play involving other people who see your vision and want to lend support. Stay on course and let your dreams be known! Saturn & Pluto have traversed through your professional world, as well as getting closer to exact conjunction in the new year ,what has been restructured and how are you rebuilding in that realm?Jupiter is ready to work on new opportunity in a resourceful way, helping to build while you expand.
A Full moon on Dec.11/12 in Gemini will highlight your 3rd house of everyday routine ,siblings & short journeys.A social day with busy Mercury, still in sign of Scorpio uncovering the details or getting together with folks to share skills & ideas.Venus conjoins Saturn on this lunation in Capricorn be mindful of being respectful and reliable within relationships if you make a plan stick with it!
Dec.26 brings the New Moon in Capricorn & a Annular Solar Eclipse -Time to set your Intention for the New Year.This connects to your career and reputation, the most visible area of your chart .Eclipses are potent and can bring change with beginnings or endings . When one door closes another door opens ,you can imagine it going either way…Within hours after the eclipse the moon will conjoin Jupiter you may get a sign connected to new intentions and better clarity.

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