undefinedVenus starts off December in Capricorn encompassing the 4th house where your foundation lies ,family and home take center stage. As Venus rules Libra ,we naturally engage with others. Being helpful to our family or best friends appeals to Libra during Venus’s stay in Capricorn .Being helpful and productive is a joy .Hosting gatherings at your home could be part of your social schedule in December.It could be very busy with the Sagittarius Sun firing up your 3rd house of communication with siblings or folks you see on a regular basis.Dec.2nd Mercury also moves into Sagittarius which enriches the connections with friends. Venus in Capricorn could also take on new home improvement projects ,like doing some painting or remodeling .Jupiter ingresses into Capricorn on Dec.2nd with a desire for long term growth in your family and private affairs.Over the years Pluto has disassembled this area and Saturn came through to pick up the pieces to rebuild brick by brick. As Jupiter transits this area in 2020 the opportunity to design and cultivate a peaceful space increases.

Full moon in Gemini on Dec.11/12 is a very social moon for you .Connect to friends from near and far. Try going out to check a new style of music or discover a new ethnic restaurant ,do something that expands your perspective with the ones you love.Venus conjoins Saturn on this lunation in Capricorn be mindful of being respectful and reliable within relationships if you make a plan stick with it!

Dec.26 New Moon in Capricorn /Annular Solar Eclipse-As this is a time for new intentions ,Capricorn loves to see something concrete or a beginning of a new project that you will take seriously.Eclipse energy here is a wild card so if you’ve been on the fence about something this potent lunation may show you a sign to help make the decision. Your intuition will help guide you as you are no stranger to change. You have been challenged to let go during the Pluto reconstruction of your relationship realm and Saturn is determined to help rebuild.Jupiter in Capricorn works at relationship for the next year ,exploring your connections and the gift of trust.Within hours after the eclipse the Capricorn moon will conjoin Jupiter you may get clarity or inspiration with your intention on this potent lunation.

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