undefined What a year it has been! With Jupiter in its own high-powered home sign of Sagittarius many of you have made big changes for the better within your personal sphere. Enlarging your self in a way that touches a new personal horizon for Sagittarius.The 1st house represents where you have been traveling with inspirational Jupiter in Sagittarius,working on your self image and physical appearance were high on you priority list this past year.Venus in Capricorn has activated your 2nd house of finances and personal worth ,time to consider where to scale back with discipline regarding money & possessions.Looking at relationships in a more realistic way and being mindful of your spending .Capricorn in Venus doesn’t exaggerate, it can be helpful with bringing emotions down to earth and building a foundation of trust. Dec.2nd Jupiter says goodbye to Sagittarius and Hello! to Capricorn in the same arena Venus is moving through. Money is now the subject on the table and how to manage it wisely .Capricorn in Jupiter wants to build ,but on a stable foundation which involves planning and disciplined work.This will be your well deserved reward.Mercury moves into Sagittarius on Dec.9th to inspire your ideas within your master plan.

Full moon in Gemini Dec.11/12 A entertaining evening to share with friends and loved ones alike.This socially vocal moon wants to debate and explore ideas you may be able to supply some answers .Venus conjoins Saturn on this lunation in Capricorn be mindful of being respectful and reliable within relationships if you make a plan stick with it !

Dec.26 New Moon in Capricorn/Annular Solar Eclipse- A new intention to be set during this lunation could turn into a New Years resolution . Eclipses can be a turning point through change..when one door closes a new door opens .Looking at the best way to serve your intention may be the door you choose, within hours after the eclipse the Capricorn moon will conjoin Jupiter you may get clarity or inspiration with your intention on this potent lunation.

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