January starts with a harmonious trine aspect to the Pisces Moon, allowing you to kick back and enjoy your own self expression or creative projects. January 3rd & 4th opens up the conversation with relatives,neighbors or siblings.Information flows on these days, helping you connect some dots or create a plan for the future.January 10th a Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Cancer in your 9th House of Higher education & travel, could change or shift your perspective. Learning new information, or having conversations, help educate your decisions moving forward. The following weekend of the 11,12,13th Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn unite in your 3rd house of learning and daily rituals.These two planets have been manifesting there signatures over time, Pluto restructures by focusing on the truth and Saturn builds by responsible actions towards your goals, not an easy time-frame. Capricorn uses determination and hard work to achieve its goals, Scorpio can use its focus and intensity to merge with the energy this January and gets things done.January 26-28th Mars and Venus form a tense or challenging aspect between 2nd house of finances/values and 5th house of creativity/self expression, you may be looking to compromise with a plan that fits the budget yet satisfies what you’d like to create..You have been navigating the everyday routine with a sense of purpose, time to enjoy your own time. Stay dedicated to your vision.


  1. Laura read my chart in the fall, as I was transitioning off a job. It helped me refocus and conjure up some feelings/strength that were bubbling under the surface, in both my love life and work life. As the holiday season approached the universe helped set me on a new creative path that I ran with. It literally fell into my lap and has brought me new found strength and determination to move forward. I think sometimes “checking in” to see where your journey is trying to take you can be really beneficial. Sometimes you don’t listen to your inner voice until you hear it through another voice, if that makes sense. Thank you Laura! My January horoscope has been spot on FYI!


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