February 1st starts off with a Taurus Moon in your 2nd house of finances/values. Taurus Moon are content with stable conditions and reliability, early am the Moon conjoins Uranus in Taurus, bringing a zippy energy to the calm Taurus Moon. Uranus in Taurus is transiting your 2nd house for the next 7 years, this energy creates change and excites areas that have become stagnant. Innovative changes to what you value and how you go about your business could experience a new creative spark. Change is in the air. February 3rd Mercury ingresses into Pisces in your 12th house of reflection/privacy, Mercury can communicate through Pisces on a psychic or intuitive level in the 12th house. It is a good time to contemplate and consider how you really feel before expressing to the world. Meditation would be beneficial during this time.

February 7th Venus leaves the 12th house confinement of watery Pisces and leaps into motivated Aires in your 1st house of self/body.This is a very different energy for Venus, you may feel energized to improve your appearance in some way, buy new clothes or express yourself assertively. February 9th the Full Moon in Leo expresses itself through your 5th house of creativity/children/joy. Great day to connect with friends and loved ones, go with the flow as a trine to Mars in Sagittarius wants to explore new destinations. February 14th Valentine’s Day the Moon is in Scorpio, in your 8th house of karmic connections/transformation, emotional intensity could reveal insight within your relationships, sensitivity is heightened.

February 16th Mercury in Pisces stations retrograde for the next 3+ weeks in your 12th house of reflection/privacy. Use this period to take a recess and re-calibrate your system, practicing self care or working in your own space can help move through this time of classic misunderstandings and reorganization. Mars enters Capricorn on the 23rd in your 10th house of career, this is productive energy that needs a game plan, although there may be tension obtaining a clear vision, working steady towards what you started can gain momentum. February 17th Jupiter in Capricorn creates a complimentary exchange with Neptune in Pisces in your 12th house of reflection. During this week long transit we can connect to the positive aspects of life, spiritual insights shared or assisting someone in need will feel right.

February 18th the Sun in Pisces enters your 12th house to add extra solar inspiration, and on the 23rd the New Moon in Pisces renews the lunar cycle by imagining a special new intention for the month ahead. Jupiter in Capricorn creates some tension on the 23rd as it forms a square to Venus in Aires, a compromise between work and personal time could come up , these planets will look for the best possible outcome.

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