February starts off with the Moon moving through Taurus in your 3rd house of daily routines/neighbors/communication.Uranus is in Taurus for the next 7 years, so as we feel the planets transit through the house of Taurus, you may start to see patterns of change as we get familiar with the zippy energy of Uranus once a month with the Taurus Moon.The Moon moves quick so it is usually our moods that get the urge for freedom or impatience during the Uranus conjunction.It can bring innovative ideas to mind as well as triggering a new way of doing things in your regular routines. February 3rd Mercury ingresses into the sign of Pisces in your 1st house of self and body. Mercury rules mental tasks, we can take a more fluid and feeling approach in Pisces. Organizing your day on February 4th may include some random self care with Mercury in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus such as a massage appointment,a hair-cut with a new salon or a unexpected delicious meal with friends and neighbors. Stay flexible, it could surprise you!

February 7th Venus leaves Pisces and ingresses into Aires, a very different energy changing from water to fire element. Aires is assertive about what it needs. Venus will be moving through your 2nd house of finances and values.Venus attracts a beneficial and helpful energy .You may be more advantageous during this transit as the building Full Moon in Leo the next day on the 9th will add to your attractive energy.Full Moon in Leo will transit your 6th house of work schedules, health and functionality, and will make a harmonious trine to 10th house of career with Mars in Sagittarius that can create a day that is ripe for creative projects, adventure, and new connections. Even though this falls on a weekend, you may be happily doing work that feels inspired by the heightened Full Moon energy.

February 14th Valentines Day the Moon in Scorpio will connect deeply with Mercury and Neptune in Pisces.You may be moved to speak freely of your love. Imagination and emotions come naturally with the Scorpio moon communicating with Mercury & Neptune in Pisces. February 16th Mercury stations retrograde in Pisces in your 1st house of self, expressing your point of view may be priority, Mercury in Pisces can get a little vague, so keep your communications as clear as possible during this time. February 16 Mars moves into Capricorn in your 11th house of friends and groups, this is a time for teamwork. If you have goals that involve groups or online communities this is a productive time to work with others. Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto still are present in this house as well so the work, transformation and growth are very much in process, now you have a motivational push with a very determined Mars.

February 17 Jupiter in Capricorn forms a complimentary sextile to Neptune in Pisces between friends/groups and yourself for about a week. You can appreciate the positive aspects of life, connecting to your higher power and sharing insights or volunteering your time with others can keep you inspired. February 18 the Sun swims into Pisces, giving support to other Pisces planets. February 22 The Pisces Sun forms a creative aspect to Uranus in Taurus for another opportunity for unexpected routine changes in your day. February 23 Jupiter in Capricorn in house of groups/friends may feel tension or challenges with Venus in Aires in your 2nd house of finances. Be conscious of your budget and maybe use the bartering system to make ends meet. February 23rd heralds the Pisces New Moon, time for a Buddha moment of release and reset, be mindful of Mercury retrograde still operating & Neptune in Pisces close by adding a fuzzy filter to the month of February.

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