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January 15,2022

Happy Birthday to Martin Luther
King Jr
January 15,1929
Atlanta, Georgia
Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius at
10 degrees currently is conjunct
Martin Luther King Jr natal
placement of Mercury direct
Aquarius 11 degrees in his 10th
House of Career. This is the most
visible area of the chart.
Communicating his ideas of
nonviolent activism in the civil
rights movement, which protested
racial discrimination was his
communication with humanity.
Aquarius symbolizes rebelling
against old traditional ideas and
sharing original thoughts and ideas
with groups, in his chart he shared
his mind & heart with the world.
“Darkness cannot drive out
darkness, only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate, only
love can do that.” MLK
Today as we embark on Mercury
Retrograde in Aquarius,
remembering how to think outside
of the box, outside of the norm. Y
Moon moves into Cancer later this
afternoon which Trines Jupiter in
Pisces.The moon is in her home
sign of Cancer, waxing gibbous
phase and out of bounds – this
gives an extra dose of emotion &
light to the conversation with
Jupiter in Pisces . Counting our
blessings, nurturing loved ones and
remembering the peaceful words of
Martin Luther King Jr.


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