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January 18, 2022

“Set peace of mind
as your highest
goal, and organize
your life around it.”

The Nodal Axis of the Moon
today starts a new chapter in
Taurus/Scorpio. For the last 18
months since May 5,2020
Gemini/Sagittarius Nodal Axis
has fluctuated back and forth
with information,
communication, and
broadcasting lots of ideas.What
do we believe vs. what others
believe? Many questions with
numerous answers, that is the
nature of Gemini and
Sagittarius. The student and the teacher.

What a learning
experience it has been A
Taurus/Scorpio relates to
growth and

South Node Scorpio can assist in healing
by decreasing the intensity
levels when possible. The depth
of Scorpio is looking at the truth
and tapping into our faith.
Taurus North Node can assist by
increasing the grounded earth
energy, found in simple routines,
slowing down the pace to
encourage a sense of calm.
Choosing roads that support
our sense of serenity and
tranquility. Can we strive to
pacify those hurried areas that
we have needed to down shift
from? The highly cerebral
energy of Gemini/Sagittarius
Nodes are shifting today m G
The Capricorn Sun 28 ° is trine
the North Node Taurus and sextile
South Node Scorpio symbolizing a
positive new chapter opening
up this week.

Uranus the planet of awakening and
breakthrough in Taurus can
stimulate the senses from a stuck
place, moving slowly but surely into
the new chapter.

Peace ,


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