Sagittarius Season ♐

Sagittarius Season / Jupiter Direct ✨

Nov 13-20th a wave of Scorpio ♏️ planets making trine aspects to Jupiter ♓️ Stationing direct. Decisions based on feelings & a little faith helps us move forward.
Nov 16th Venus, the planet of attraction, beauty and connection has entered the sign of Sagittarius, more light and positivity is available to see the big picture ♐️ 🔥
Nov 17th Mercury enters Sagittarius ♐️ Ideas fueled by optimism, increase possibilities and social communications.
Nov 18th Mars Retrograde Gemini square Neptune in Pisces- the challenge is organizing or recalculating our activities with an open mind & flexible options. Adjustments & changes are expected.
Nov 22nd The Sun enters Sagittarius ♐️ we are philosophers at heart, the sun is highlighting what inspires us. ✨
New Moon in Sagittarius Nov 23rd trine✨strong Jupiter in Pisces stationing direct ~Have faith & trust this chapter or path you find yourself on.
Hint : Jupiter in Pisces ♓️ was at this same spot May 2, 2022. What was happening in the Spring that inspired you?

“Believe in your heart that you’re meant to live a life full of passion, purpose, magic and miracles.”
Roy T. Bennett – The Light in the Heart.

Peace & Love


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