New Moon in Capricorn ✨

December 23,2022

New Moon 01’32” degrees of Capricorn

Sun & Moon Square Jupiter 00’15″Aries. This Cardinal energy of Earth & Fire together in a activated square~ can ignite what has been waiting for the Moon & Sun to confirm. Capricorn wants to create a foundation or make plans and Jupiter just says-Yes, enthusiastically. The climb begins, the story moves forward, the plans are made, the mission is on. Venus in Capricorn is still trine Uranus in Taurus electrifying the connectivity and the unexpected elements in relationships or finances. Especially on December 29th Venus & Mercury both at 24 degrees Capricorn. Venus has now joined the night sky as a visible Evening star.

Mercury stationing to go Retrograde the next day, will revisit themes from mid December.

Also Mercury Retrograde is closely aspecting Truth sayer Pluto & Elusive Neptune. This feels like a intuitive clue, or insight to information that may come to light on January 6th ~The First Full Moon 2023 🌕

Evening Love Song

“Ornamental clouds

compose an evening love song;

a road leaves evasively.

The new moon begins, a new chapter of our nights, of those frail nights

we stretch out and which mingle with these black horizontals.”

-Rainer Maria Rilke

New Moon rituals & intentions will have extra juice in them with Jupiter in Aries involvement!

Sending inspiration ✨

Peace & Health,


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