Mercury Stations Direct in Capricorn

January 16 2023

Moon in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus early morning, go easy with caffeine today! Scorpio Moon can be focused on a feeling ~ Uranus in Taurus shakes things free, if you go with the flow. Mars in Gemini direct, still at 08 degrees needs time to pick up speed. Be patient, Mercury (ruler of Gemini) is still retrograde in Capricorn at 08 degrees forming an aversion towards each other. Not quite understanding what the other needs, they don’t see each other clearly-this breaks up around January 26th -Step by step!

January 18th Mercury stations direct, as Sun & Pluto in Capricorn conjoin, this feels like an empowering day of knowing change is coming or a clarity of decision.

January 20 Sun enters Aquarius applying to Jupiter in Aries ~ super hopeful and enlightening energy, the fresh air needed. January 21st A New Moon at the very start of Aquarius Season sets the tone of the lunar cycle ahead. Ideas, concepts, connections and communications are energized. Independent thinking, innovative, creative actions can get the ball rolling. Mars in Gemini direct enjoys this encouraging and interesting Aquarius New Moon.

January 22-23rd Venus in Aquarius catches Saturn in Aquarius – this energy works best with independent work, mental preparation, personal tasks, getting things organized. The Aquarius Moon & Gemini Mars this day will be working in unison, doubling down on paperwork or communications.

Uranus in Taurus stations direct~ time to integrate changes for more simplicity , release complexity on 23rd sending all the planets forward until April 22,2023.

January 24-25th Moon in Aries conjunct Jupiter is excited and courageous initiating plans moving forward. The Sun/Jupiter sextile is stimulating our personal growth. It’s time.

January 26th Venus enters Pisces in her exalted place, her most compassionate & inspired place. Take the time to enjoy relationships, as Evening Star Venus takes her vacation in Pisces until February 20th.

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