February 1st starts the month off with the Moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus in your 4th house of Family/Home/Roots.Taurus enjoys a stable routine, today could serve up something different. Uranus is in Taurus for the next 7 years, as we feel the planets transit through the house of Taurus, you may start to see patterns of change as we get familiar with the zippy energy of Uranus once a month with the Taurus Moon. February 3rd Mercury ingresses into the sign of Pisces in your 2nd house of finances/values, Mercury is imaginative in Pisces, stay mindful of practical issues during this transit. February 4th Mercury in Pisces has productive energy with Uranus in Taurus in your 4th house, this day can spark creative or money saving solutions to a practical issue in the home or with family.

February 7th Venus moves into fiery Aires.This can change the quality from laid back and fluid to a bit more impatient. Venus in Aires in your 3rd house of communication, can be direct yet harmonizing when connecting with others..You may come to an agreement between siblings/neighbor that will benefit you. February 9th a Full Moon in Leo celebrates love in your 7th house of relationship, a little later the Leo Moon forms an exciting aspect with Mars in Sagittarius connecting to your house of friends/groups. Maybe a night on the town with a loved one to explore someplace new. February 14th Valentines Day the Moon in Scorpio will connect deeply with Mercury and Neptune in Pisces. Communication may not be clear but the vibes will be strong. A few days later on February 16th Mercury stations retrograde, in your 2nd house of finances, be sure to double check on bill paying and other financial matters that have deadlines or loose-ends. February 17th Jupiter in Capricorn in 12th house of dreams and solitude form a complimentary connection to Neptune in Pisces for about a week, time to channel some inspiration through music, spiritual practice or simply helping others in need.

As the Sun ingresses into Pisces on the 18th into your 2nd house, finances again are highlighted, check your balances.The Lunar cycle resets on the 23rd with a New Moon in Pisces, 5 degrees away from Mercury Retrograde, both have a feeling of a reset and renew. Neptune has been in Pisces since 2012 softening or blurring the edges of this house of possessions, Neptune rules detachment in a spiritual sense. Pisces is imaginative, use this to put value on your personal creations, be realistic with your finances as misunderstandings or confusion may arise during this time.



January begins in a quiet reflection with all the Capricorn planets in your 12th house of meditation and consciousness raising territory. Moon in Pisces on New years day can inspire you by getting out in nature. On the 3rd & 4th there may be a synchronous feeling that your intuition may bring up, hidden opportunities can arise by working behind the scenes on something close to your heart.January 10th a Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Cancer in your 6th house of service,health and routines, may bring a shift in your self care or how you nurture others.The following weekend of the 11,12,13th in your 12th house of Deep Reflection there has been remodeling and rebuilding going on for some time. Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn represent the tests and truths that you’ve undergone, now you have an understanding of the limits, strengths and responsibilities to move forward.The Capricorn Sun and Mercury help shine some light into this arena as well with new and practical ideas.Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius these themes are familiar to you and help validate what is ready for change.On January 26-28th Mars and Venus create some tension between groups or friends and financial situations, this is where creative solutions such as bartering or volunteering could make a difference.January is a Capricorn, earth dominated energy, we are asked to become our most mature version of ourselves and put our best foot forward.You have been creating a new world for yourself, remember to be generous and share it with like-minded folks~ a new community can blossom.