February 1st We start the month off with Moon in Taurus moving through your 11th house of friends/groups.Taurus energy prefers stability and practicality. Uranus in Taurus has entered your 11th house for 7 years, you may gravitate towards new friends that represent uniqueness and freedom. Uranus is very independent minded, eccentric and thrives on change, every month the Taurus Moon will pass through and conjunct the unpredictable energy of Uranus, this can be an exciting stray from the norm. February 3rd Mercury ingresses into Pisces in your 9th house of higher education/travel, this is a great time to dream up new adventures such as retreats or educational work shops. Your mind craves a new perspective that travel serves up so well….

February 7th Venus leaves the flow of Pisces and enters Aires in your 10th house of Career/reputation, this can be a fortunate time to take the lead on a project at work, finding creative or positive ways to assert your opinion. February 9th Full Moon in Leo shines in your 2nd house of finance/values, this can be beneficial time to attract what you want and let go of what you don’t need. Mars in Sagittarius also creates a sweet trine to your house of health /service on the Full Moon, a great day to get out and explore.

February 14th Valentine’s Day the Scorpio Moon moves through your 4th house of home/family, you may naturally stick with tradition and do something sweet for your loved ones. February 16th Mercury stations retrograde in Pisces in your 9th house of travel/higher education. Not the best time to commit to travel plans, but good for research and looking into all the details and reviews. March 9th Mercury stations direct with a clearer picture concerning communications and schedules, even well planned out journeys can change between stations. February 16th Mars enters Capricorn in your 7th house of relationships, this energy is grounded yet willful, make sure your not running over your loved ones ideas with your own. Stepping up in relationships to reach a common goal could be a benefit at this time. February 17th Jupiter in Capricorn creates a complimentary energy with Neptune in Pisces for about a week. This can highlight compassion and the appreciation of good things in life. Helping others by sharing spiritual insights or by just being a good friend.

February 18th Sun enters Pisces until March 19th bringing more energy to travel and learning opportunities. February 23rd New Moon in Pisces starts a new lunar cycle in your 9th house of higher education/travel, helping you reorganize the future explorations. Sagittarius rules the 9th house and prides itself on knowledge, exploration and faith in the universe.This house is gaining momentum to learn or travel , set your intentions with these topics in mind. On the 23rd we also have Jupiter in Capricorn creating a challenging square to Venus in Aires in your house of career.Jupiter and Venus are seen as positive planets, but we may feel tension between relationships and work, so practical compromises are your best bet.



January starts with a Pisces Moon to day dream about journeys you’d like to take this year? Or maybe connecting to a spiritual practice or ritual that brings peace. January 3rd & 4th The generous energy of Jupiter invites you to spend some quality time with loved ones and create some good conversation.. A work associate may come up with an opportunity for expansion on a creative project.It is a favorable day to consider new connections or celebrate existing ones.January 10th is a Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Cancer in your 1st house of self, focus is on you. What may shift is your needs and how you get them met. A new year is a chance to create a new image and why not feel and look the part ~ self care could be a great way to honor this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.The following weekend of the 11,12,13th Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn unite after spending the past 2 years slowly coming to this point.Saturn teaches lessons we need to learn and Pluto transforms and restructures , this transits your 7th house of relationships.These are a heavy pair when they examine a part of your life it is quite complete,to the point you must start fresh with a new set of eyes. Over the last year you may have said goodbyes and you may have found relationships that mirror a sense of structure and commitment.Relationships take time and patience, these are Capricorn traits. Jupiter expands what it touches, in Capricorn there can be opportunity for deep love and bonding, but steady and slow is the pace this year.January 26-28th Mars and Venus form a tense or challenging aspect between your 6th house of routines/service/ health and your 9th house of travel/higher education/beliefs.Mars in Sagittarius may need to exercise its rights to explore and Venus may be on her own wavelength too , so communication may all that is needed. Your natural intuition is spot on emotionally, trust your inner guide for boundaries.