February 1st the Taurus Moon connects early am with Uranus in Taurus in your 8th house of karmic connections. As Uranus transits through your 8th house of Taurus, you may start to see change as we get familiar with the zippy, erratic energy of Uranus once a month with the Taurus Moon. February 3rd Mercury ingresses into Pisces in your 6th house of health/service/routine. Mercury seeks to communicate while Pisces is very creative, together creating new ways of getting the point across. Be realistic when it comes to health and routines, as Mercury will station retrograde in Pisces near Neptune on February 16th for 3+ weeks.

February 7th Venus leaves emotional Pisces and moves into willful Aires in your 7th house of relationships. Aires in Venus is happy taking the lead or being up front with what you need. February 9th Full Moon in Leo in your 11th house of friends /groups can turn out to be a very social day, Mars in Sagittarius creates a harmonious trine to the Full Moon, a favorable day of connecting and exploring wherever the day takes you. February 14th Valentines Day Moon is in Scorpio. Your natural ability to know what others need and Scorpio intuition, sets a sweet tone to the day. February 16th Mercury stations retrograde in Pisces and Mars enters the sign of Capricorn. Mercury retrograde in your 6th house of routines/health/service can cloud the issues if you look at them with an unrealistic eye. Check your calendar for upcoming doctor appointments or reschedule. Mars joins the 4th house family gathering in Capricorn with Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. Mars in Capricorn is very productive and can keep us motivated with our tasks or projects, particularly in your 4th house of home and family.

February 17 Jupiter in Capricorn creates a complimentary exchange with Neptune in Pisces, this week- long transit can help you appreciate the more positive aspects of life, Jupiter’s generosity meets Neptune’s selflessness. February 18th the Sun enters Pisces in your 6th house, use this time to tune into your health routines, try some yoga, meditation or carve out time to relax. February 23rd A New Moon in Pisces can reset your routines to allow more creativity into your life, learning a new skill that you can offer to others. February 23rd we also have a challenging aspect between Jupiter in Capricorn and Venus in Aires , both enjoy pleasure but there may be a difference of opinion, freedom may win over closeness. Compromises are your specialty !



January starts off on Moon in Pisces were you may be inspired to help out a friend in need,but all in all a relaxing first day of the year. January 3rd & 4th creates a opportunity to discuss new ideas with family members or create a solution to an existing issue. A new perspective is a gift or a relief. January 10th a Lunar Eclipse/Full moon in Cancer can shift the way you do things or allow you to see a new opportunity regarding your house of career. Maybe doing some work from home or remotely as Cancer rules the 4th house of home & family.The following weekend of the 11,12,13th Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn unite in your 4th house of Family. Working through many changes over the past 2 years with Pluto remodeling and Saturn rebuilding, through the tests and lessons, you now have the new year to stabilize. Responsibility is a Capricorn trait that aims to help us achieve our goals, as the year moves along we can settle into routines that give us much needed balance.The Capricorn Sun & Mercury blend together during the eclipse as well to give some clear insight.January 26-28 Mars and Venus forms a tense or challenging aspect between your 3rd house of everyday routines and your 6th house of schedules,routine & health.Mars in Jupiter ruled Sagittarius may inspire an new health routine, a new hobby or exercise plan, anything to become more social would be beneficial.You have the ability to create something that is truly your own, regardless of what family may have supported. Balance your world with what you love.