December 14, 2022 Sagittarius ♐️Sun square Neptune ♓️Pisces

Magic in the Air

Today the Sagittarius Sun and Neptune Direct in Pisces are in exact square to each other and both in strong Jupiter ruled signs. ✨Currently transiting Jupiter in Pisces is at its final degree, pushing its projected ideal wish or dream. Neptune in Pisces stationed direct December 3rd, turning up the intuition about a dream that has stuck with us through this year. 2022 has inspired us to expand a vision, to have faith in or believe strongly that the future can be what we hoped for.

A square aspect creates a bit of tension, which can encourage action, but too much tension creates stress. The Sagittarius Sun may have an ideal in mind wether an adventure, a project or a person. Neptune in Pisces blurs the focus and enjoys the synchronicity, the magical, and spiritual side of life. The imagination can be exceptionally strong today. Our enthusiasm towards escape can be highlighted, our thoughts can scatter. Trying to focus on details or an intensive workload may prove frustrating, we may just not have the fuel.

Looking at the strengths of a Sun/Neptune connection, we can be very creative. Brainstorming a new idea, inventing a different approach to your projects, slowing down to contemplate, daydreams become more colorful. Both planets are of the Mutable quality, nothing is set in stone, adapting to the current energy is a strength.

Earth Element is also strong today, with Virgo Moon trine Venus in Capricorn this afternoon, this helps keep us grounded and a bit more realistic about the workload. Using today to ( at the very least) look at New year planner, look at the calendar for 2023 and think about how you might organize or align with your ideals for the future. ✨

Peace, Health and Happiness ,


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