January begins in a relaxed mood with a Pisces Moon. You may find yourself enjoying friends and connecting on New Years day either in person or through social media.January 3rd & 4th conversations or ideas may cause you to research travel for educational purposes.Expanding your perception of the world is on your mind.It is a favorable time to imagine new adventures.January 10th is a Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Cancer in your 3rd house of daily routines/neighbors/siblings.Under a Full Moon in Cancer, compassion and connection are strong, be sensitive to needs of others close to you.The following weekend of the 11,12,13th Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn unite in your 9th house of higher education/travel/beliefs. Pluto has be reconstructing this area of your life for some time. Saturn joined the transits of your 9th house 2 years ago to test,examine and teach you lessons connected to education and experiencing the world through travel.This grounded Capricorn energy is concentrated now, to complete some of the lessons and enables you to move forward with better boundaries and strength of purpose. The key is to stay determined and believe in what you’d like to accomplish.Uranus in Taurus will be in your sign for 7 years to come this energy is innovative, exciting and helps create something that didn’t exist before.January 26-28th Mars in Sagittarius and Venus in Pisces form a tense or challenging aspect between your 8th house of Joint resources, karmic & bonded connections and your 11th house of friends /groups. Both of these signs desire freedom and experience on their own terms, so communication within the public eye and support from others may need to be balanced with a compromise that is flexible to all. Keep believing in yourself.