January 9, 2023 Venus Trine Mars Rx

Fresh Air & Options

Retrograde Mars in Gemini trine Venus in Aquarius, desires movement, travel, epiphanies, understanding, new experience, eye candy, excitement andcommunication.

We have been in a cycle of stagnancy within the themes of activity and energy. Mars in Gemini when direct is quick thinking on the run, taking on numerous tasks, busy, having intuitive strategies. Retrograde Mars in the Air sign of Gemini, can challenge our functionality, with possible bouts of procrastination. In hindsight, it slows us down to think and in turn will strengthen our game moving forward.

January 12th Mars stations direct and will shift the tides slowly but surely in a more productive flow. Fresh insights can improve plans we have made, the feeling of direct Mars will energize.Jupiter in Aires ruled by Mars will benefit on this day.

January 18th Mercury Retrograde stations direct in Capricorn, communication becomes clearer, plans & travel are more in sync. Synchronized Mercury joins the night sky, symbolizing clarity.

January 11th Venus in Aquarius squares the Nodes of the Moon, active participation is required with Venus. Pay attention to our relationships, friendships, love & money. Making decisions to simplify or strategize can be up for discussion, sometimes we reach a crossroad during this time.