Venus the ruler of Taurus, has entered the sign of Capricorn in your house of travels, education and belief ,this may boost your schedule for next year with new destinations connected to educational opportunity. Jupiter ingressed into Capricorn on December 2nd and is forming a flowing aspect to Uranus in Taurus ,unexpected lucky energy could pop up! This cycle is about change, belief in yourself and having faith in your dreams. Exploring higher education , spiritual retreats , travel experiences connected to your dream all have special appeal.

Full moon in Gemini on Dec.11/12 “The long nights Moon” is a great time for planning something social, maybe at a great restaurant or cooking for others from the comfort of your home.Mercury in Scorpio could lend a hand in diving into deep conversations.Venus conjoins Saturn on this lunation in Capricorn be mindful of being respectful and reliable within relationships if you make a plan stick with it!
Dec.24/25th Uranus tunes into the Capricorn Sun bringing liveliness and surprise to your day,be flexible and experience the freedom of letting go of routine. Allow the unexpected with grace on this festive Holiday!

.Dec.26 Capricorn New Moon/Annular Solar Eclipse in Capricorn in your 9th house again echoing the route Venus just moved through.Time to set intentions within your realm of experience and beliefs, do you need to get out in the world to change your perspective?As one door closes another door opens. Pluto has dismantled this area over the past few years and you are building with Saturn’s determination and Jupiter’s commitment to growth.Within hours after the eclipse the moon will conjoin Jupiter you may get a sign connected to new intentions.

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