Gemini’s ruler Mercury will spend its first week of December at the end of Scorpio going over the last degrees of November retrograde , questions may have found answers .December 9th Mercury enters Sagittarius and we can see the light on the horizon. Venus is Capricorn moves through your 8th House and Jupiter joins in on Dec.2nd for its year long cycle..This can bring a greater intensity to love relationships, more commitment .Healing can take place through loss and gain .You may attract money through a connection to a spouse or partner, inheritance could be indicated , others are willing to help you during this transit.This can be a potent and fortunate time.

Full Moon in Gemini on Dec.11/12 puts you in the spotlight socially. You attract others to any activity you may be doing, you are in high demand. Entertainment is appealing or gathering with like minded folks.Venus conjoins Saturn on this lunation in Capricorn be mindful of respect and reliability within relationships if you make a plan stick with it!

Dec.26 Capricorn New Moon/Annular Solar Eclipse a turning of the tides could be in progress, this potent lunation creates change through opening & closing doors. If you have an intention for the new year, this idea may need to be expressed to others as the 8th house regenerates and transforms through shared connections.Pluto and Saturn have worked at dismantling and building in this area for some time, Jupiter is ready to shed light here.Within hours after the eclipse the moon will conjoin Jupiter you may get a sign connected to your ingenious new intentions.

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