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January 24,2022

Keep your head up !

Today take responsibility of your
situation, whatever that may be.
Aquarius Sun & Saturn respond well
to decisions based on what’s
happening now. Mars ingress into
Capricorn, out of bounds can
accentuate that -take charge urge.
Empowering energy.
Mars is exalted and no nonsense in
Capricorn, may this help you tackle
tasks with energy.Venus still
Retrograde in Capricorn is slowing
down, finishing her 40 days cycle
on January 29~ remembering and
recognizing, what it is she really
values. Trine Uranus in Taurus, she
can feel bolts of enthusiasm, she’s
going through a metamorphosis
into a morning

Reminder for folks in NorthEast we
have 54 days till spring & days are
getting longer~ We can use the last
bit of Mercury in Aquarius to
rethink the future and put new
ideas out to the world. Happy Monday.



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