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January 25, 2022

Scorpio Last Quarter Moon

Today marks the closing square of
the lunation cycle, we are between
the Past Full moon ( fulfillment) 1/17
and the future New Moon (new
beginnings) 2/1.
Is it time to move forward and take
action? Or is it time to refrain, resist
or release ?
Both questions can come to mind
with the square aspect of Sun
(Aquarius) and Moon (Scorpio)
The dark half of the moon cycle,
diminishing in light
is compatible with Scorpio energy,
they understand the territory, quiet
and observant. Self contained and
inwardly absorbed.

Steven Forrest in his Book of the Moon, describes the mood as “expectant, abstract, mysterious,
self contained, archetypal, spiritual,
principled, idealistic, introverted,
independent and visionary.”
The Scorpio Moon will have
numerous aspects flavoring it’s
mood, this morning trine Jupiter in
Pisces ~ can intuition meet
opportunity? The Moon opposition
to Uranus, square Saturn and
sextile Venus~ patience and
understanding is key, changes or
detours can be maneuvered or
endured with researching the map-
Scorpio Moon has detective energy.
Mercury Rx backs into Capricorn
making a practical trine to North
Node in Taurus and sextile South
node in Scorpio. Where can you
invite peacemaking and release
conflict? Mercury stations direct February 3rd, so we are still in process of reworking & upgrading those ( Saturn ruled) Aquarius & Capricorn areas in our charts.



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