March 2, 2022 New Moon in Pisces

March 2, 2022
Pisces New Moon
Conjunct Jupiter 12:34pm (est)
This New Moon symbolizes a
pause, a germination period of
creation. What is inspiring you? A
new beginning, a new month, a new
intention, a new insight, a new
understanding of what is possible?
Pisces creates with hope, love,
empathy, compassion,
understanding, and faith. Applying
to Jupiter in Pisces, we can ask for
miracles. Why not?? A leap in faith?
We can pray for Peace. Yes please.
During a New Moon, we plant seeds
of intention towards what we would
like to manifest and grow. Healing is
possible when the boundaries are
elusive, as they are in Pisces A
move through this period and send
prayers for what needs healing.

We have plenty of obligations and
responsibilities in this current
timeframe all answering to Saturn,
we know this timeframe is serious
business, we need to keep on the
program an do the diligent work.

But….Sun & Moon & Jupiter &
Neptune all in Pisces are singing
another tune.
All they are saying is give Peace a




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