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February 14,2022

The Albatross is the largest flying
bird, with a wingspan of 11 feet,
they spend 80% of there time at
sea, mostly in flight. They can soar
on motionless wings for hours.
These birds mate for life yet there
journeys cover millions of miles.
chose this oracle card today from
Chip Richards deck (Secret
language of Animals) “The
inspiration is renewed hope and the
promise of good fortune for the
path ahead. It takes courage to set
out on a new journey of any kind
and Albatross knows that
sometimes we must travel far
beyond the shores of our comfort
zone before we catch a glimpse of
our aspired destination”

We all know Valentines Day can
come with high expectations, the
waxing Gibbous Moon in Leo, a time
of heightened emotions is building
to a Full Moon at 27 degrees Leo
on February 16.
Today the Moon Opposite Mercury
in last degree of Capricorn soon to
enter Aquarius.(4:54pm) Thinking
of the bigger picture, choose your
words with compassion and
kindness above all. Mercury in
Capricorn this morning is speaking
practically and less poetic. Mercury
in Aquarius tonight shifts into more
open minded dialogue.
Venus/ Mars conjunction in
Capricorn February 15, (and again
March 6 in Aquarius)
We have a serious opportunity of
getting real about building
something we love and believe in.

December 19- January 31st was the Venus Retrograde period, did you
make decisions that upgraded or
reorganized your relationships or
finances? In the background Pluto
in Capricorn trine the North Node
Taurus, feels like Albatross
medicine, endurance and courage
to take a leap of faith. February 17
Jupiter in Pisces sextile Uranus in
Taurus encounter a similar energy
of unexpected opportunities or
changes that entice you to keep
moving towards your goals.

Happy Valentine’s Day 💜 Be kind

Peace, Laura

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