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April 24,2022

Today the Moon in Aquarius makes
configurations to Saturn 23
Aquarius, Mercury 23 Taurus and
the Nodes of Moon~ 22 Taurus/
Scorpio. When the moon connects
with Saturn we can feel the weight
of responsibility or duty, a
necessary part of success
~ at this time Saturn squares the Nodes and
Mercury, suggesting memories and
past wisdom or lessons
experienced, that reminds us we
can reap benefits through
compassionate action. Saturn slows
things down to examine, Mercury in
Taurus is of a contemplative nature,
think it out -trust the high road
Speaking of high roadā€¦
Venus in Pisces is within range of
conjunctions to Neptune and
Jupiter in Pisces, these energies
have the ” Ganesh Energy”
bringing blessings through
creativity, cooperation, openness,
generosity and connection~ This
week trumpets a clear reminder
that you can be a great force for the

Peace , Laura

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