April 29-30th 2022

Eclipse season is here, new
chapters can open through
beginnings and endings in the
Taurus/Scorpio house of our charts.
Eclipse’s work within the Nodal axis,
a New Moon occurring within 18
31′ of North or South Node can be
a partial Solar Eclipse.
April 30th 4:27 pm (EST) is Partial
Solar Eclipse on North Node of
Taurus at
10 °28′. New Moon’s start a new
lunation cycle, eclipse’s have a wild
card energy to them. Friday April
29th, changes are underway in the
evening when Mercury enters its
home sign of Gemini, our mental
focus becomes sharper.The Moon
leaves energized Aries and moves
into her exalted sign of Taurus,giving way towards a gracious mood.

The ruler of this New Moon/ Solar Eclipse is Venus in Pisces, she is exalted in her kind glory here, snuggled between elusive
Neptune and jubilant Jupiter in
Pisces. Tonight 8:51 pm Venus
conjoins Jupiter at 27 ° ~ and
sextile to stationing ( strong) Pluto
in Capricorn ~ also trine Mercury,
who freshly entered Gemini. (* note
Mercury is slowing down and will
Retrograde on May 11)
This energy feels very
opportunistic, as if the doors that
have been previously closed are
opening. The ruling Venus/Jupiter
vibration of this lunation can bring
surprise~ as Uranus in Taurus at 14
° conjunct New Moon/Solar Eclipse
-puts an exclamation on changes
that may include a feeling
excitement, creativity,productivity, c
onnection, natural, unexpected,
gifted, beneficial.

Alan Watts says it best:
“The only way to make sense out of
change is to plunge into, move with
it, and join the dance.”



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