May 15/16 Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse /Full Moon will occur on May 16th, Just after midnight here on the
East coast. At 25° Scorpio Moon/25 ° Taurus Sun.
Eclipse’s have a history of being
a wildcard, as the brightest
phase of the Moon disappears
temporarily. *Mars in Pisces
rules this Full Moon and is
conjunct Neptune together they
Trine the Scorpio Moon,
Increasing sensitivity and
strengthening our intuition.
This Scorpio Total Lunar Eclipse
is on the South Node, symbolic
of release, completion and
letting go. This signals a new
cycle to begin.
In the sign of Scorpio we get clues of what we need to release from our emotional
habits, feelings we hold on to,
triggers connected with the
past. Trying to save or hold on to
that familiar something- that
keeps us stuck in the past, is a
scenario worth looking at.
Creating a new feeling around
old issues would be good
Saturn work this weekend.
(Saturn=lessons learned

The Taurus Sun seeks to
simplify, slow down and release
tension, enjoying the present
Saturn in Aquarius squares both
Sun & Moon~ Saturn
reminds us that relationships &
work both need time and effort-
making responsible
adjustments so you can balance
the Scorpio/Taurus houses in
your chart.

Knowing your birth chart and contemplating where these energies are- help us unfold (peel the onion) and assist with personal growth,



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