June 13-14 2022

Mercury-The messenger of the
Gods, finally makes it back home to
Gemini, after stationing direct in
Taurus. It was slow going, now back
up to speed on Monday at 11:26am

Communications are
clearer. Gemini Sun in an applying
trine to Saturn in Aquarius can be a
time of progress, where we had to
remain patient. Time to get things
done, this aspect is exact on
Thursday June 16th 2:49am EST

Full Moon June 14th at 7:51am EST
Neptune in Pisces is in a T-square
configuration with the Full Moon in
Sagittarius. Neptune is
challenging our focus and
consistency ~maybe a little blurry
with details. With this in mind, use
the strong Mercurial energy to keep
things organized by simply

celebrate this Full Moon as its ruler
Jupiter, explores through the
energy of self willed Aries, happy to try something new.

Mars in Aries
conjoins Chiron directing some
wisdom or healing energy into the
SuperStrawberryMoon! It will be very bright as it is in Perigee, the point at which the Moon is closest in its orbit to the Earth. 🌕

Peace to all~ Laura

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