October 9, 2022 Full Moon Aries

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Full Moon in Aries (16 degrees) conjunct Asteroid Chiron Rx Aries (14) opposing the Sun in Libra (16) Venus in Libra (13)

The Moon is Full this month within 2 degrees from Chiron, known as the wounded healer, in Aries this points to our own ability to take care of ourselves and heal those spaces of doubt or insecurity, created by ourselves. Chiron takes 50 years to transit around our personal chart, along the way we discover our own wound and recognize the healing potential we have to offer others.

An Aries Moon, describes the Mood , taking on the element of fire, creating sparks of initiation. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, it is head strong and moves quickly, rising to the occasion towards its wants and needs. Aries is the architype of the warrior, ready to act. Aries Moons can feel heroic by jumping in to help. Full moon energy puts an emphasis on your current mood, and how it connects to your own chart. Chiron retrograde adds a reflective attitude to the day. The energy can be worked with through inspiring your own healing(Chiron) through activating(Aries) a ritual or activity on this day. This could be completing something you hadn’t had the energy for, now its go time! We all feel better after accomplishing something that was put on hold. You can create a spiritual ritual, burning old calendars, documents, memories that need to be released through fire. Together Chiron and the Full Moon, may point to staying faithful to your own needs and self care without alienating others. Balancing your solo time with connective time. Keeping an open mind and listening to what other people have to say, may assist in understanding this Full Moon energy. The Sun in Libra (16)degrees conjunct Venus in Libra (13) is quite nice, as Venus has been chasing the Sun since September 29th. October 22nd they catch up and sit together at the same degree 29 Libra, a new cycle has begun. Venus is ruler of Libra, she is at home, reminiscing, enjoying relationship and reaching towards others. As the Full moon is illuminated by this Venusian Sun pair, I think of old social wisdom. Gathering with intention on being helpful or alleviating a burden for someone else. Listening, hearing, connecting, laughing and saying Yes to loving energy. Releasing past wounds or memories that block the love. Initiate a ritual this Sunday, allow yourself to be courageously kind.❤️

We embark on Eclipse season – October 25th Partial Solar Eclipse 02 degrees Scorpio Sun conjunct Venus 02 Scorpio

Total Lunar Eclipse- November 8th 16 degrees Taurus Moon conjunct 16 Uranus Taurus

Peace and Health,


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