Saturn in Aquarius 18 degrees

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Saturn, the archetype of the teacher has been transiting slowly through the sign of Aquarius since December 17,2020. December 20,2022 Saturn was conjoined by Jupiter in Aquarius both at 00 degrees. This began a 2 1/2 year transit of Saturn in Aquarius and began a longer cycle of 20 years between Saturn and Jupiter through their Grand Conjunction. When we look back in our own charts and see the transit from a distance we really gain a perspective on how much we’ve grown and changed, especially those experiencing a 1st or 2nd Saturn Return. Saturn moving through the fixed air element of Aquarius has brought the work and discipline to our concept of community and how we work within that structure while holding onto our individuality and authenticity. The electric unbridled energy of Uranus transit moving through fixed earth element of Taurus has shaken the ground and foundations of our comfort zones numerous times. Uranus in Taurus squared Saturn twice in 2021 and has a last pass, although not exact, very close in square aspect in the first 2 weeks of October and then moves direct on October 23rd. Saturn teaches maturity lessons we learn from limitations. Saturn is ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius back to back winter signs, we are working on life lessons that help us stand as unique individuals in our community. Uranus is the architype of the rebel, in Taurus ruled by Venus we can experience uncomfortable or unexpected changes and breakthroughs within our relationships and finances. Uranus entered Taurus March 6, 2019 and leaves on April 25,2026. Roe vs Wade, inflation, door dash, personal shopping apps, supply chain issues all Venusian topics in 2022. In September 2019 emerging female artists were landing high-profile solo shows, museums were staging women themed exhibitions, grants were being awarded to boost female artists and long-neglected artists were being given overdue recognition. Thanks to Uranus type breakthroughs in the art world, in Venus ruled sign of Taurus.

When Saturn and Uranus meet in square aspect it’s time to work out the tension or challenges presented through responsibility, unexpected changes, freedoms and commitments, all designed to create new space for growth in areas where life was becoming too stagnant. The Venusian ruled Uranus puts a spin emphasis on creativity and the freedom to express through art, music, beauty and nature. It also spontaneously created remote job possibilities that weren’t allowable until the pandemic put down limitations.(Saturn)

February 22,2022 Saturn reached 18 degrees in direct motion until March 3rd, at that time Jupiter 12 Pisces applying to Neptune 22 Pisces, a hopeful and inspirational energy was building in the air. Mars 21, Venus 21and Pluto 27 Direct in Capricorn were in Trine aspect to the Nodes at 26 Taurus and Scorpio. The movement was slow yet forwardly productive, empowered by the Mars/Venus conjunction earlier on February 16th.

June 6, 2022 A change/shift was in the works as Saturn 25 Aquarius stationed Retrograde to go back over the area we just traversed since February and also separating from a square (presenting challenges) to the Nodes in Scorpio 22/Taurus 22. June 2022, Roe v. Wade was overturned by the US Supreme Court, creating a major upset.

October 1,2022 Saturn Retrograde at 18 degrees, back at same degree as (February 22 March 3rd in Direct motion)

October 23,2022 Saturn stations direct.

Aquarius will sit at this 18th degree as it stations from retrograde to direct motion for 45 days Oct 1-Nov 13,2022 Looking into the Sabian Symbols, specifically the 18th degree of Aquarius is a helpful way to see things in a different light.

*The Sabian symbols are the unique set of symbolic vignettes, or descriptive images, which were obtained by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones from an ancient Mesopotamian source in 1925 for each of the 360 astrological degrees of the zodiac.

The Sabian symbol for 18 degree of Aquarius is “A forest fire quenched”

“The keyword is Concern and theme is Rising to the occasion. “This symbol speaks to the successful resolution of an emergency or crisis, and to satisfaction in a job well done. The image of a forest fire quenched symbolizes the suppression or quelling of a dangerous and destructive force. The emphasis in this degree is on the opportunity in every group experience for discovering personal skills and abilities previously unrecognized, and on turning every ordeal into a productive adventure in social responsibility. On a practical level, this symbol alludes to defusing explosive situations, calming tempers, and bringing potentially volatile or dangerous situations under control.

Positive: At its highest , this symbol represents the ability to function efficiently and effectively under pressure. Negative: Lack of enthusiasm and a tendency to avoid getting involved in anything out of the ordinary. Accent :on 18 degrees of Aquarius is getting things under control. An emergency situation can be resolved to everyone’s relief. Opportunity: Your greatest advantage lies in recognizing the skills and abilities that a crisis reveals and making the effort to refine them. Risk: Guard against being a coward or telling yourself that you are ill equipped to deal competently with the problems of life. Don’t make a habit out of depending on others to get you out of situations you created.

Stepping Stones: Success, conquest, triumph, achievement, accomplishment, mastery, self-expenditure, victory, resolution, relief, suppression, arrest, cancellation.-From The Sabian Symbols A screen of Prophecy-Diana E. Roche

Saturn moves forward through Aquarius until March 7, 2023 when it enters Pisces to start a new journey for next 2 1/2 years.

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