Full Moon in Gemini🌕♊️December 7,2022

Full Moon 🌕 Gemini ♊️

December 7th 2023 11:07pm EST

The Full Moon in Gemini will be closely conjunct Mars Retrograde in Gemini, in opposition to the Sagittarius Sun. This opposition of air element ( Gemini) and fire element (Sagittarius) can speak out with strong emotion, a quickness of thought, energized feelings left over from the New Moon Solar Eclipse back on October 25th. This is first Full Moon since the eclipses, giving us a lot to talk about.

The Full Moon is loosely squared to Neptune in Pisces that stationed direct on December 3rd. A heightened sensitivity could be the energy, reminding us of memories from September 20th, where Mars in Gemini was transiting at same degree, in direct motion. What was going on during that time, is it getting revived emotionally? If so, you now can deal with it from a position of strength, courage and hopefully wisdom from the past experience. Recalculate the way you’d like to play the game, Mars Rx Gemini full of options, strategies, opinions and emotions on this full moon.

Communication and emotions are going to feel especially “full” on December 7/8th. We have a number of Out of Bounds planets. The Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars are all outside of the normal orbit range the usually participate in. OOB planets feel as if they’re playing the game with their own rules, zany energy, unexpected feelings or impulsive blurt outs can happen. OOB planets is just another tool to describe the flavor of the energy of that planet~ if there are boundaries, OOB planets have no problem jumping over them.

By Christmas Day, December 25th Moon,Mercury, Venus will all be back in normal declination range.

✨Take note of December and the interesting , rule breaking energies of those personal planets . Venus & Mercury will come back to the night sky ~ we can see them just after sunset & twilight now. Mars Rx will continue doing his own thing OOB style until May 5th, but leaves Gemini finally on March 25th.

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