March Astrology 2023

Change in flow

March 7th Saturn ingress into Pisces. Saturn is entering the ocean as our teacher, we learn lessons through the emotional tests presented through the archetype of Pisces. Pisces merges with other’s in a compassionate, fluid way, feeling what the energy is, and leaving the boundaries wide open. Saturn in Pisces gives us more responsibility for the next 2 1/2 years to be flexible when creating something we believe in, something we have deep connection to. Saturn is less rigid as we work towards a Piscean goal. We will learn as we proceed and change with the flow. Can we actually make our dreams a reality, let it flow a natural course? Pisces doesn’t like to rush into things, it takes a long look Saturn in Pisces shares the same house with Neptune now, Neptune in Pisces since 2011 has slowly heightened our collective dreams and spiritualism.

March 20th Celebrate the Spring Equinox & International Astrology Day ! At 00 Degrees Aries marks the beginning of the Astrological year, a very potent Aries point pushing us towards progress. Aries signifies our will, our desire to initiate and propel something forward. The Aries Sun is ruled by Mars at the last degrees of Gemini and out of bounds, during the first day of Spring. The urge to communicate, strategize, and create opportunity that has felt on hold since October 30, 2022 (Mars Retrograde Gemini) will feel energized and renewed.

Venus conjoins the North Node of the Moon in Taurus on March 20, an alignment that brings the spotlight on the role of our relationships in our journey of personal and spiritual evolution. On this Spring Equinox we may experience karmic encounters and changes in existing connections. The Venus-North Node conjunction represents an invitation to renew our commitment to living with our true values. Venus is strong in her home sign & North Node in Taurus ruled by Venus signify a positive turn of connection to relationships and finances.

March 21st New Moon in Aries 00– A powerful new start to Aries Season. The Sun & Moon in Aries joining on a powerful Aries point, signaling a new identification towards the external world or the public arena. The potential of growth is huge, by stepping into this new season with courage. The New Moon is ruled by Mars in Gemini, still holding the presence of information and communication as the key to growing your intentions. Consider creating a vision board this week and doing ritual for this New Moon.

March 23rd Pluto ingress into Aquarius-The planet Pluto moves extremely slowly through the sky, it has been 248 years since it’s last transit through Aquarius. A entirely different time, unrecognizable to where we operate now…Aquarius rules technology and inventions by genius minds of the day.

We now will get a small taste of Pluto in Aquarius when it enters on March 23rd. It ebbs and flows through retrogrades April 30th to June 11th in Aquarius then back into Capricorn to finish its business there. A herald of the new age to come, as Pluto stays in Aquarius for the next 20 years. Aquarius is discovery, invention, innovation, and all the changes they can release into the world. Aquarius stands for individuation, Pluto brings a deep capacity to help reinvent ourselves, we need to release of the old to improve our future. Aquarius stands up for humanity and large groups that join for a cause, to the betterment of all. We can experience enlightened insights that will need us to change in order to embrace the radical changes that progress brings. We can experience the escape from long drawn out traditions that don’t serve anymore, which can liberate us from habits. A new realm can open up through intellectual freedom, Aquarius is an air element built on ideas, thoughts and creative problem solving. It is an exciting transit that is eager to deeply challenge the truth. As only Pluto can.

March 25th Mars ingress into Cancer

Mars in Gemini has ruled the Aries & Scorpio planets and the North & South Nodes for the past 8 months, since August 20, 2022. A transit filled with fast paced events, changing the rules, changing the playing field and creating a busy busy timeframe. Communication, plans and strategies were up for changes as a constant. Mars in Gemini retrograded in October 2022 until January 12th then moved direct until it finally leaves Gemini March 25th! Hallelujah!!

If you know where Gemini lies in your chart you could confirm all the roller coaster rides we have been on, willingly or not since August. It has been quite the ride. Mars entering Cancer wants off the amusement park energy, and settle into the caring mode to help recuperate during the spring season. Saturn in Pisces will be in agreeance, to let things emotionally have some space to breath. In the beginning of April, Mars in Cancer trines the North node in Taurus and sextiles South node in Scorpio, this timeframe may alleviate some of the intensity , by uninvolving ourselves into a more private zone to take care of business.

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