First Week of April 2023

Slow Down, Nurture & Examine

Mercury in Pisces early March started in low gear, we had options and possibilities to think about. By March 19th we shifted into high gear, we had many new energy shifts and a fiery Mercury rose to the challenge.

Monday April 3rd Mercury enters Taurus, a time to slow it down and nurture ideas. Understanding your plans fully. A methodical mindset begins to arise, as Pluto in Aquarius is square Mercury in the first week of April. We can feel an intense curiosity to dig deeper into communications or strategies.

Thursday April 6th (early morning EST)
Full Moon at 16 Libra opposing a Fiery Aries Sun, Chiron and Jupiter in Aries-lots of air & fire elements activated on this full moon. The highlight is on relationships, agreements, bonds, healing, courage and understanding. Libra Moon ruled by strengthen Venus in Taurus, can be a peacekeeper and tolerate any changes in a respectful way.

April 6th Mercury Taurus will conjunct North Node Taurus, this is the same area Venus in Taurus and North Node met, on the Equinox, March 20th-Connections to a destiny point, solidify and secure any communications about a process to move forward.

*Mercury in Taurus Retrogrades this month on April 21st.

April 7th
Friday The Moon slips into intuitive Scorpio, squares Pluto in Aquarius an early start. Moon trines Saturn in Pisces, a good day to work solo or solve issues with common sense. Moon trine Mars in Cancer time to clean up the house, recycle or unclog the drains:)

April 8th Saturday Mercury in Taurus sextile Mars in Cancer- extra energy for solving a dilemma on the home front or securing a project that may have needed more time to strategize. A great day for cooking and organizing the home.

April 9th Jupiter in Aries applying by 2 degrees to the Aries Sun, we feel confident and passionate about a new beginning. The Moon enters Sagittarius, Sunday morning (Easter) and is ready for new experiences and exploring the Jupiter/Sun energy. Pluto in Aquarius applying to connect with Venus in Gemini on April 11th, draws us towards meaningful, emotional expressions. Lots of fascinating information can be unearthed and discussed during this time.



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