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Venus the planet of love, pleasure, art, attraction and money moves into passionate and blazing fire sign of Aires today. Venus in this sign operates on impulses, asserts her own interests, she is courageous in love. This is a very different energy from the flowing sensitivity of Venus in Pisces, who can sense other people’s needs, bends to make peace and is a romantic at heart. A few celebrities demonstrate the differences: Priscilla Presley, Donatella Versace , Patsy Cline and Marilyn Monroe all have Venus in Aires vs. Maya Angelou, Steve Erwin, Kurt Cobain, Billie Holiday were born with Venus in Pisces. Venus creates the law of attraction within us by doing what we naturally love.

Venus enters Aires (3:46 pm EST 2/7/20) and about 2 hours later the waxing gibbous Moon enters Leo, creating a harmonious trine aspect between the two. Leo Moons are colorful, vivacious and draws us to social energy for the pure entertainment of it. The Sun is ruled by Leo and Mars is ruled by Aires together these fiery energies can relate to the masculine energy being pumped into this connected trine. Excitement, action, creation, and impulsiveness can work favorably today. Enjoy the Full Moon in Leo on Sunday February 9th as Mars in Sagittarius will add more fun and adventure to the day . Use this day to be free and go where ever the energy takes you!



January starts with a reflection of the past year, the Pisces Moon strives for peace today.January 3rd & 4th Inspires new ideas or the courage to create changes within your career house, that stimulate growth. Big ideas can be communicated and could work to your benefit.January 10th is a Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Cancer in your 4th house of Family/Home.Cancer rules the Moon and the Home, you have a natural sense of what needs your attention and nurturing. You already know instinctively where some sensitive issues lie ,the opposition of many Capricorn planets encourage a sense of responsibility and commitment. The following weekend of the 11,12,13th -Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn unite in your 10th house of Career and Reputation.Pluto has been traveling this area since 2008 and Saturn has joined in for last 2 years, much restructuring and rebuilding has occurred. As you may have felt tested to find out what rings authentic in your career path, we now have a concentration of grounding energy that will solidify your commitment through the life lessons you’ve endured.Jupiter,Sun and Mercury are challenging you to reach for the stars and have the discipline to follow through with goals you have set into motion.January 26-28th Mars in Sagittarius and Venus in Pisces form a tense or challenging aspect between your 9th house of Higher Education/Travel/Belief and the 12th house of reflection. Freedom and experience is part of the compromise that needs to be discussed, those that support your exploration of widening your perception of the world will understand.January will need your full attention to detail and patience with how opportunity unfolds at it’s own pace.Stay courageous and grounded in your truth.



January starts on a peaceful note with New Years day allowing you some down time with friends and family. January 3rd & 4th there is a favorable connection between your ideas and opportunity within groups/friends/alliances who support you.Jupiter in Capricorn meets Mercury to communicate new plans or creative solutions to old patterns that no longer work. This can motivate you and start a cycle of stable and gradual growth in the new year. January 10th a Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Cancer moving through your house of creativity could shift projects or endeavors by allowing change.Staying connected to friends may lend a hand in completing projects or deadlines.The following weekend of the 11,12,13th Saturn and Pluto in your house of friends/alliances has been building & remodeling in your life for some time. Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn unite on January 12th, we are now seeing the firm boundaries, strengths and weaknesses with our responsibility connected to groups.The Sun & Mercury in Capricorn help us shine light into the situation by grounding your ideas and creations. Earthbound Capricorn helps to prioritize and develop something stable. Mars enters your 10th house of career and public arena where you now can use this boost to move forward, especially on January 26-28th when Mars creates tension with Venus in Pisces in your 1st house of self and image.This energy can motivate healing of relationships or attract a connection that stabilizes your career goals.January asks us to be responsible and mature, as Capricorn energy dominates.We can strive towards our goals with patience and integrity, as we have been feeling this build all of 2018/2019.Use your faith in the universe and humility to persevere with connections that will help you succeed this year.