“Just because a sea is calm doesn’t mean that you can believe in its stillness.”
― Anthony T. Hincks

Lately I’ve been watching survival stories, anything that involves a true adventure at sea with all its up’s and down’s and quick decisions, is the most satisfying. The challenging times we are in currently remind me of the ocean and its unpredictability. A sailor needs many tools and skills up her/his sleeve to move through the energy of the moment. In a storm, setting yourself up for the best possible situation is key. All the details that go into preparedness flood the mind…. what sails to use, safety precautions, food and drink near by to sustain your eminent battle with mother nature. The amount of faith you put in your boat and yourself, as you navigate through theses waters is a magical thing to experience. Gemini is an air sign ruling those winds of change, adaptability and dexterity. Looking forward into the new social norm brings a curiosity and heightened cleverness of how to connect and communicate. These are the gifts of Gemini.

The Sun has entered Gemini to shine its rays on Venus Retrograde, Mercury in Gemini, and the New Moon on May 22nd. Highlighting our communication and eventually connecting us through cautious phases during this Covid 19 pandemic. Venus Retrograde in Gemini (May13-June25) Venus is the planet of connection, love and what we value, during a retrograde cycle we can reflect on those themes and restructure what needs adjustment. Last time we experienced a Venus Retrograde in Gemini was 8 years ago in 2012…..think back to that summer and try to recall what happened in your life? Ask yourself how you may have changed and grown since then.

Venus retrogrades can feel like a time out, which may alienate those close to you, yet listening to your inner guide during this time is wise. Like a sailor holding the helm contemplating the wind speed or the flow of the swell, it is intuitive and internally felt. Mercury in Gemini is mentally alert and may help you communicate those feelings from a emotionally detached position, stated simply with facts. With that said, there is another piece to this astrological puzzle, Neptune in Pisces 20 degrees is in square aspect to both Venus & Mercury in Gemini at 20 degrees. Neptune in Pisces joining the conversation adds some confusion here, a touch of fantasy or a disappearance of clarity. On a higher note, Neptune calls in faith and can ramp up creative juices, remaining open minded (Mercury) can create many opportunities with resources (Venus) around you. This square aspect moves on and Neptune revisits Venus Direct in Gemini again on July 27th .

Friday May 22,2020 Gemini New Moon 02 degrees ~ New Moons are the start of a fresh lunation cycle. We are deep into the month of May, the darkest moon resets and starts its quest for fullness. On the cusp of Summer and adjusting to a new world that has experienced a major change of living day to day, we are asked to be flexible and conscious of how we affect those around us. Something to contemplate. Gemini energy thrives on information, adapting to what new horizons may bring. We may experience a restless sense of curiosity, calculating and managing the unknown. Set your intentions on this New Moon as it also favorably trines Saturn in Aquarius, a realistic yet innovative approach to your new reality is a great topic to ponder. Like a sailor on the sea, we need to adjust our sails as the winds dictate our course on moving forward.

Peace ~All readings are through Facetime or phone during this time. Check my services page and connect to your own chart to set your course!



January starts off this new year with a Moon in Pisces, it may be a perfect day to binge watch your favorite shows, it is a quiet day.January 3rd & 4th Jupiter and Mercury align and spark new interest into connections with others,you may receive a text or call .Conversations run deep today, but can give meaningful insight and more clarity. January 10th is a Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Cancer in your 2nd house of Values and Finances. Realizations may come up regarding finances or how you value your resources, eclipse energy is unpredictable so stay alert. Capricorn energy can assist with staying organize , especially if you are connected to others for support.The following weekend of the 11,12,13th-Saturn and Pluto unite in Capricorn in your 8th house of joint resources, karmic & bonded connections.Pluto energy restructures what it touches , by exposing the truth.Saturn has tested us here for 2 years, examining our connections and teaching us life lessons. Not a very easy time-frame, but has helped us mature.Capricorn energy is dominating with Jupiter, Sun, and Mercury in this house as well. We do have a concentration of earth element to assist us in commitment,loyalty and responsibility to our own progress.Working diligently towards stability feels right, be patient. January 26-28th Mars in Sagittarius and Venus in Aquarius form a tense or challenging aspect between 7th house of relationship and 10th house of career/reputation. Use this energy to compromise with loved ones and any plans connected to work. Two heads are better that one, stay connected.



January starts on a peaceful note with New Years day allowing you some down time with friends and family. January 3rd & 4th there is a favorable connection between your ideas and opportunity within groups/friends/alliances who support you.Jupiter in Capricorn meets Mercury to communicate new plans or creative solutions to old patterns that no longer work. This can motivate you and start a cycle of stable and gradual growth in the new year. January 10th a Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Cancer moving through your house of creativity could shift projects or endeavors by allowing change.Staying connected to friends may lend a hand in completing projects or deadlines.The following weekend of the 11,12,13th Saturn and Pluto in your house of friends/alliances has been building & remodeling in your life for some time. Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn unite on January 12th, we are now seeing the firm boundaries, strengths and weaknesses with our responsibility connected to groups.The Sun & Mercury in Capricorn help us shine light into the situation by grounding your ideas and creations. Earthbound Capricorn helps to prioritize and develop something stable. Mars enters your 10th house of career and public arena where you now can use this boost to move forward, especially on January 26-28th when Mars creates tension with Venus in Pisces in your 1st house of self and image.This energy can motivate healing of relationships or attract a connection that stabilizes your career goals.January asks us to be responsible and mature, as Capricorn energy dominates.We can strive towards our goals with patience and integrity, as we have been feeling this build all of 2018/2019.Use your faith in the universe and humility to persevere with connections that will help you succeed this year.



I’ve dedicated myself to monthly horoscopes which is a new practice for me, I’m ready for the focus in the new decade ahead.Sometimes you need to just start from where you are and have faith that the process will teach you along the way. Please note I use whole sign houses and below are Sun sign & Rising sign horoscopes so kindly read both . If you don’t know your rising sign, get a free birth chart at



Gemini’s ruler Mercury will spend its first week of December at the end of Scorpio going over the last degrees of November retrograde , questions may have found answers .December 9th Mercury enters Sagittarius and we can see the light on the horizon. Venus is Capricorn moves through your 8th House and Jupiter joins in on Dec.2nd for its year long cycle..This can bring a greater intensity to love relationships, more commitment .Healing can take place through loss and gain .You may attract money through a connection to a spouse or partner, inheritance could be indicated , others are willing to help you during this transit.This can be a potent and fortunate time.

Full Moon in Gemini on Dec.11/12 puts you in the spotlight socially. You attract others to any activity you may be doing, you are in high demand. Entertainment is appealing or gathering with like minded folks.Venus conjoins Saturn on this lunation in Capricorn be mindful of respect and reliability within relationships if you make a plan stick with it!

Dec.26 Capricorn New Moon/Annular Solar Eclipse a turning of the tides could be in progress, this potent lunation creates change through opening & closing doors. If you have an intention for the new year, this idea may need to be expressed to others as the 8th house regenerates and transforms through shared connections.Pluto and Saturn have worked at dismantling and building in this area for some time, Jupiter is ready to shed light here.Within hours after the eclipse the moon will conjoin Jupiter you may get a sign connected to your ingenious new intentions.