Astrology for Thanksgiving

We all have different traditions on this day. Some make extravagant meals for many family members, volunteer at soup kitchens , keep it simple, or share the day between different sides of the family….These traditions can have a twist this year ~ Venus in Capricorn is steady, traditional earth energy, she wants to be helpful. She is in a harmonious trine aspect to Unpredictable Uranus. Uranus in Taurus is also ruled by Venus introducing a different, unusual & exciting element to the day! Who is coming to dinner? Make extra food?? Who knows?

The conservative Capricorn moon will also be present & conjunct Venus ~ helping organize and lending a hand in the cooking & cleaning and supplying some dry wit for the unexpected. Family tradition may be altered a little this year in a positive way , embrace any changes with the harmonious energy of staying in the moment & keeping your day grounded

Give Thanks