The Capricorn sun rising this morning has brought a jubilant energy to the day with Jupiter close by and agreeable and exciting trines to Uranus in Taurus. The optimism of Sagittarius cannot be denied in this last quarter moon. Holidays are a celebration of traditions we hold dear to us, year after year.This year we have an unique opportunity to shake it up & release energy from the past. Authentic and energized action with Mars in Scorpio getting to the heart of the matter. Venus in a cooler headed Aquarian space can see the needs of many and be accommodating when getting together with friends and family.

In the spirit of tribe, remember to reach out to those who are always present when the river gets rough. Acknowledging these lights in our lives will strengthen our bonds. Love is all we need, shine your light on those you love ❤️

Give Thanks for Life ☮️


Astrology for Thanksgiving

We all have different traditions on this day. Some make extravagant meals for many family members, volunteer at soup kitchens , keep it simple, or share the day between different sides of the family….These traditions can have a twist this year ~ Venus in Capricorn is steady, traditional earth energy, she wants to be helpful. She is in a harmonious trine aspect to Unpredictable Uranus. Uranus in Taurus is also ruled by Venus introducing a different, unusual & exciting element to the day! Who is coming to dinner? Make extra food?? Who knows?

The conservative Capricorn moon will also be present & conjunct Venus ~ helping organize and lending a hand in the cooking & cleaning and supplying some dry wit for the unexpected. Family tradition may be altered a little this year in a positive way , embrace any changes with the harmonious energy of staying in the moment & keeping your day grounded

Give Thanks