February 1st starts with a Taurus Moon in the 12th house of reflection, a behind the scenes kind of energy .Taurus Moon likes comfort and reliability , the Moon will conjoin Uranus in Taurus briefly early am hours (EST) giving some zippy energy to calm Taurus, sleep may be restless. February 3rd Mercury ingresses into Pisces in your 10th house of career/reputation. Creative thinking is highlighted at work, with Mercury ruling communication and Pisces blending imaginative ideas together to solve problems.

February 7th Venus leaves the watery realm of Pisces and jumps into the fire element of Aires in your 11th house of friends/groups and alliances. Your quest for connecting to group activities can become busy this month, as Venus in Aires can take the lead with organizing or attracting like minded friends. February 9th the Full Moon in Leo is alert in your 3rd house of daily routines/neighbors and siblings, this is a natural Gemini house where communicating with the local scene could be quite entertaining, putting you in the spotlight. Mars in Sagittarius harmonizes by trine with the Full Moon from your 7th house of relationships, great date night.

February 14th Valentine’s Day Moon in Scorpio welcomes deep thoughts and open conversations in your 6th house of health/service, make time to have those chats with loved ones. February 16th Mercury in Pisces stations retrograde for 3+ weeks in your 10th house of career/reputation, this is a very public house. Stay on top of the details at work and be practical, as Mercury in Pisces may get muddy with the fine print. On the 16th Mars enters Capricorn in your 8th house of karmic connections/joint resources, this energy is productive and determined to get to the bottom of things. Use it to your advantage to accomplish what you’d like to achieve or complete.

February 17th Jupiter in Capricorn creates a complimentary connection to Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter and Neptune together are inspired to grow and help others.This week long transit enables us to see the positive side of the story, you may feel like volunteering time or supporting a positive cause. February 18th the Sun enters Pisces in your 10th house of career, work may be seen through a more sensitive yet objective lens.

February 23rd we begin a new lunar cycle with a Pisces New Moon, in your 10th house as well, it is time to imagine new ideas and set your intentions to a new creative level. Also on the 23rd Jupiter in Capricorn creates a challenging aspect to Venus in Aires, although Jupiter and Venus are benefic planets there may be some tension between work and commitments to our loved ones. Communication, conversation and compromise can work it out.



January starts off this new year with a Moon in Pisces, it may be a perfect day to binge watch your favorite shows, it is a quiet day.January 3rd & 4th Jupiter and Mercury align and spark new interest into connections with others,you may receive a text or call .Conversations run deep today, but can give meaningful insight and more clarity. January 10th is a Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Cancer in your 2nd house of Values and Finances. Realizations may come up regarding finances or how you value your resources, eclipse energy is unpredictable so stay alert. Capricorn energy can assist with staying organize , especially if you are connected to others for support.The following weekend of the 11,12,13th-Saturn and Pluto unite in Capricorn in your 8th house of joint resources, karmic & bonded connections.Pluto energy restructures what it touches , by exposing the truth.Saturn has tested us here for 2 years, examining our connections and teaching us life lessons. Not a very easy time-frame, but has helped us mature.Capricorn energy is dominating with Jupiter, Sun, and Mercury in this house as well. We do have a concentration of earth element to assist us in commitment,loyalty and responsibility to our own progress.Working diligently towards stability feels right, be patient. January 26-28th Mars in Sagittarius and Venus in Aquarius form a tense or challenging aspect between 7th house of relationship and 10th house of career/reputation. Use this energy to compromise with loved ones and any plans connected to work. Two heads are better that one, stay connected.