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February 1,2022 EST New Moon in Aquarius /Chinese New Year of the Water Tiger

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year!

The Tiger is the 3rd sign of the
Chinese horoscope, Yang in
nature ~ with following
energies; Bravery,
magnetism,good luck, authority,
swagger, hotheadedness,
disobedience and passion.
Naturally built for change and movement, within the water element of emotion and depth. May we draw on the courage of the sentimental yet powerful tiger energies.

The New Moon exact just
after midnight(EST) describes
the shift as Moon & Sun in
Aquarius apply to Saturn to
begin this new cycle with a
seriousness of intention and
taking responsibility for a reset.
Saturn rules this Aquarian New
Moon, doubled up on the sense of taking responsibility.
The Moon & Sun in a separating
square to Uranus Taurus ~ this
new cycle has built in changes
on how we see the future.
Aquarius is future minded and
looks to operate with an original
or inventive plan, opening the
window to fresh air.
This Thursday 2/3 Mercury
stations direct in Capricorn as the Sun in Aquarius conjoins
Saturn~ May this offer support,
strength, resolution, durability
and security moving forward , as all planets are now in a direct motion until beginning of May.



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