June 17-20 2022

Friday, the Moon in Aquarius, ruled
by Saturn in Aquarius Retrograde
Good day to work independently or
revisit technology you used in the
past to solve present
issues.Aquarius Moon tends to be
more objective and not focused on
emotional realm. This changes
when the Moon enters Pisces
Saturday evening at 7:01pm est
Pisces Moon taps into emotions
intuitively. A felt experience. Venus
in Taurus squares Saturn in Aquarius on
5:25 pm est
Keep expectations in check,try to
be realistic with relationship issues
this weekend ~ the desire to do
what “we” want is strong~ be
honest about your needs. Late
Saturday night, Venus in Taurus
sextile Neptune in Pisces can be the
restorative balm, smoothing over
any disagreement in

Neptune is the higher
octave of Venus-who naturally is
exalted in Pisces, there is a
compromise. Especially with Moon
in Pisces passing through…Dreams
can point to unconditional love.
Sunday, builds deeper connections
with Venus in Taurus applying to
harmonious trine with Retrograde
Pluto in Capricorn. Feelings bubble
up, memories, the truth of
emotions, we can understand a
deeper sense of connection ~ from
a current or past relationship.
Wisdom of how we relate can be
enlightening, when looking back at
past relationships.

Peace to all,


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