June 20-21 Summer Solstice

Moon in watery Pisces 25 ° merges
with oceanic Neptune 25 ° this
afternoon (3:20 pm EST) Slower
pace, Keep it calm today. Pisces
energy is accommodating to the
ever changing emotional under
currents. We can instinctively be
helpful or offer assistance to those
who need us. Moon and Neptune
make sextile aspect (energizing) to
Venus in Taurus 26 ° ~ A nurturing
and loving energy. We may feel very
sympathetic, harmonious and share
an affinity with people we met
today. As the Moon changes
quickly, she enters Aries tonight
11:37 PM firing up the speed and
energy of Tuesday. Moon conjoins
Jupiter in Aries 11:36 AM~ marking
a joyous or enthusiastic mood!

Mercury in Gemini is
communicating with inspiring
energy- new ideas or projects may
have come forward this weekend,
as it separates from a sextile with
Jupiter in Aries.Aries, a fire element,
initiates and blazes new trails when
ignited. Jupiter in Aries is
expanding our knowledge of self
and encouraging us to grow,
sometimes through impulsive
moves.Venus in Taurus makes exact
Trine with Pluto in Capricorn ~ Honest
feelings are unearthed or solidified.

Tuesday June 21st 5:13am EST Sun
enters 00 Cancer
Marking the Summer Solstice, as
the Sun stands still, bask in the new
energy and Vitamin D! Celebration of the Summer season
begins! Create a ritual that
symbolizes what YOU are
nurturing in your life. Welcome the

Peace to All,


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