June 28,2022 New Moon in Cancer

The Moon loves to be in Cancer, at
home, comfortable, protected and
safe. The Sun 07 °and Moon 07 in
Cancer mark a time of gut
instincts and faith. A New Moon in
water element of Cancer, is birthing
the next chapter in this lunation
cycle. The Sun & Moon are square
to Jupiter 07 Aries~ we can feel
quite optimistic about this fresh
start to the month. Jupiter in Aries
can be exciting and impulsive
energy to fire up the new project or
plan that is hatching.Confidence is
certainly extra high during this New
Moon phase, the Moon is way Out
of Bounds at 26’53’ declination. It’s
normal range in orbit is 23’26’.

Jupiter in Aries 07 sextile ( energizes ) Venus in Gemini 07 through social networking and
communications about plans,
journeys, gatherings are topics
connecting to the emotional
context of this Cancer New Moon.
This feels like a reunion or big
Thursday morning Cancer Moon
still Out of Bounds- which indicates
emotional energy that can be
passionate, exaggerated,
spontaneous and brings urgency
when connecting with our needs.
The Cancer Moon at 11:50 AM June
30th, squares Mars Aries 26 °, and
then moves to Opposes Pluto in
Capricorn 27 °-The challenge would
be to focus on your personal
comfort level, listen to your gut
instinct and what is true for you.
Like a Sea Turtle, at home in the
Ocean, she is very comfortable, and
tuned into danger on a daily basis.
She survived many natural
predators since birth.

Females Sea Turtles are estimated to give birth
to thousands of eggs over a
lifetime-only 1 out of a 1,000
hatchlings survive to be an adult.
Big, “out of bounds respect” for the
Mother energy, follow your instinct.

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Peace & Protection


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