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Sextile energies are typically harmonious, yet assertive communication between two planets, energizing the connection with a little more caffeinated buzz. Mars in Sagittarius sextile Mercury in Aquarius is a stimulating aspect where conversations, mental work, creative problem solving, planning and plotting out a future adventure, or travelling and exploring in general are attractive. Ideas can be more openly discussed and actions taken in the spirit of the restless sextile that is looking for an outlet to plug into. Use it to your advantage and think out loud today. Monday the Moon moves into Pisces and floats towards Venus and Neptune squaring Mars in Sagittarius, which energetically cools the intensity, that Mercury /Mars fired up on Saturday.



A New Moon is a conjunction between the Sun and the Moon, this merging to the exact degree has powerful strength as an aspect. New Moons symbolize the beginning of lunar cycle, where we can clear out the recent past and set a new intention for the start of the next cycle to come.The fresh cycle of the Aquarian Sun shines a radical, progressive and independent solar energy onto the Aquarius New Moon. A New Moon is the darkest phase, in Aquarius it is feeling emotional freedom through detachment and observing the collective energy. Combining the two, we can see our individuality much clearer, apart from others. Where do we need to step out in our unique expression of ourselves? Does it matter what other people think? Can we articulate what our unique visions for the future look like? These ideas or thoughts can be birthed on this New Moon, if we step out in our own shoes.
These are some Aquarian keywords to jump start your thoughts for your own intentions with this New moon: Invention, objectivity, outgoing, equality, eccentric, fellowship, rebellion, genius, innovative, unconventional, humanitarian, visionary, eccentric and individuality.

Musicians reach out to humanity and express themselves through words and sound. To illustrate this energy, here is a short list of those Aquarian Sun natives that have inspired us with there unique brand of self expression.

Neil Diamond, Seal, Garth Brooks, Robert Nesta Marley, Wolfgang Mozart, Justin Timberlake, Axl Rose, Billy Ocean, Phil Collins, Aaron Neville, Peter Gabriel, Alycia Keys, Rick James, Henry Rollins, Steve Perry, Roberta Flack, Lucinda Williams, Johnny Rotten, Sam Cooke, Sonny Bono, J.Cole, Sheryl Crow, Carole King, Alice Cooper,Yoko Ono, Shakira, The Weeknd, Kid Cudi….All have broken the mold of what it means to them, to be a musician. Aren’t we lucky to experience these original expressions, I can’t imagine the music world without these trail blazers.This is true Aquarian soul energy on display.

During this New Moon, we also have a few interesting sparks of complimentary energy that we could use to our advantage, as we create any new intentions for the month ahead.Jupiter in Capricorn sextiles Venus in Pisces , can help project friendliness and make good first impressions. Mars in Sagittarius sextiles Mercury in Aquarius can inspire opportunity through mental work, planning future projects or deals, and in general a positive and productive energy to work your unique Aquarian New Moon magic on the world.
Just a reminder, we still are in process of the Capricorn Pluto/Saturn conjunction which isn’t far off from this New Moon. Aquarius & Capricorn are ruled by the planet Saturn, new intentions can be genius by blending innovation and the wisdom of practicality.



The opposition of the Cancer Moon and the Capricorn Sun/Mercury can create a thoughtful balance and compensate for the weaknesses on either side, if we stay conscious of today’s energies.It can also create irritation and friction if you allow emotional triggers to get the best of you. Today we benefit from respectful words that heal and unify. The intuitive and emotional sensitivities of Cancer are strong. The Capricorn sun’s strict routine today can become more flexible by understanding and tuning into others feelings. Soften this opposition of the Moon & Sun along with the wild card of eclipse energy, by nurturing your needs and allow others the space to do the same.☮️



The Sun, presently in the sign of Capricorn and the moon moving hourly through the cool & conservative earthy realm as well.Realistic thoughts are checking in on us and ask how we can achieve our ambitions. No matter how big or small, we can be focused. Jupiter in Capricorn is whispering the rational yet inspiring ideas to us today that may be a brilliant way of dealing with the resources we presently hold. We have been introduced to Pluto in Capricorn since 2008 and Saturn has been with us since late 2017.They have been slowly merging with each other, finally locking in step on January 12,2020. Where has this renovation been taking place in your life, your chart will validate this question for you. Many AHA! moments can arise from this simple knowledge. Something very serious to ponder, a renewal is under way. Letting go of the past is so important to help us move forward with a lighter heart. Forgiveness and acceptance is the wisdom of the North Node in Cancer ♋️ opposing the Sun /Jupiter in Capricorn energy.Who in your life needs to be looked at in a more compassionate light? It could be yourself .💓 The moon, as I write is at 21 degrees of Capricorn about to blend with Pluto this morning. A very good time to organize our lives and take control of any loose ends. Today we can focus on a new habit, be honest with yourself and others. Build, repair and conquer the day.




The Capricorn sun rising this morning has brought a jubilant energy to the day with Jupiter close by and agreeable and exciting trines to Uranus in Taurus. The optimism of Sagittarius cannot be denied in this last quarter moon. Holidays are a celebration of traditions we hold dear to us, year after year.This year we have an unique opportunity to shake it up & release energy from the past. Authentic and energized action with Mars in Scorpio getting to the heart of the matter. Venus in a cooler headed Aquarian space can see the needs of many and be accommodating when getting together with friends and family.

In the spirit of tribe, remember to reach out to those who are always present when the river gets rough. Acknowledging these lights in our lives will strengthen our bonds. Love is all we need, shine your light on those you love ❤️

Give Thanks for Life ☮️



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December 21st is the Winter Solstice, we experience the shortest amount of daylight and the longest night. Many cultures celebrate and create rituals to honor the Sun. Solstice literally means the sun is standing still…..this is a traditional time for renewal. It was believed in Pagan times as a rebirth, where the Moon gave birth to the Sun. During the solstice we can meditate on our highs & lows of the past year and envision new growth. Where can we have more compassion going forward? Where did we need to step into our power and trust the process? Where did we make changes? When we tune into Capricorn energy at the beginning of each year, we have the opportunity to take responsibility for what we want. Capricorn in it’s best light is disciplined, practical and uses resources wisely. We can use these themes when we set our intention for a new year .

Candle Ritual for the Winter Solstice

Take some time to yourself or ask some close friends to join you for a candle ceremony. Light a white or golden candle on a round platter or in a large glass bowl with water. You can add to your candle ceremony by putting meaningful offerings around it such as: crystals, scented herbs, ribbons that honor a loved one, a tarot/oracle card you choose for the ceremony. Take some time to reflect or meditate and ask the universe for the highest good on your journey this year. After you set your intention, simply blow out the candle or let it burn out.




Venus is the planet of love, affection, attraction and connection. She also rules money and our attitude and relationship with it. During this week Venus transits Saturn and Pluto. Not the most joyous spot for her to visit in the heavens …..nevertheless we can be conscious of this position and take that into consideration with relationship and finances. When Venus conjoins Saturn, there can be a cooling down of affection and expression. Not to worry or take defensively, this is a short transit bringing a more sober and serious attitude. A good time for helping or taking care of shared responsibilities. Saturn also likes to give reality checks and could ask us to pump the brakes on spending during this time.

Venus separates from the Saturnian influence and applies to Pluto on Dec.12th. Pluto intensifies anything that it touches, as Venus just cooled off with Saturn, she now may become extremely focused on a relationship . This day can bring an intensity or misunderstanding in relationships as Pluto is known for it’s transformative properties. Keep a cool head and remember to be patient with yourself and loved ones. Jealousy or defensiveness can be a byproduct of Pluto. Again this transit is short lived.

In the middle of the week we experience a Full Moon in Gemini, also traditionally known as the “Cold Moon” or the “Long Nights Moon”. The air element of the Gemini moon tends to be more outgoing and social, your mind is full of details. Despite the undertone of all the conservatism in the air, this is a good night/day to enjoy company and conversations with friends. Full moons tend to exaggerate or strengthen the mood, perfect for a holiday party or a quick visit. There is plenty going on to debate or discuss on this busy day.

Dec. 12 Jupiter in Capricorn communicates with Uranus in Taurus through a earthy trine aspect helping us avoid getting in a rut with other rigid transits operating at the same time. Jupiter seeks opportunity while Uranus seeks freedom …finding a practical way to work things out differently. Find an outlet to bring more energy to those mundane tasks , could be worth your while. Becoming more conscious of these energies can help navigate these restless urges.

Dec. 13/14 Friday/Saturday A compassionate grand water trine forms. Use this harmonious day to slow down and connect with those closest to us. A healing balm for the past week, we can feel more supportive, accessible and considerate of others. Tap into the focus of Mars in Scorpio paired with the higher expression of love through Neptune in Pisces and the concern of the Moon in Cancer.

The Capricorn influence during December and January is strong so here are some keywords to contemplate…Responsibility, reliability, caution, boundaries, destiny, duty, reasonable, witty, dry humor, frankness, maturity, practicality, determination and reserve. Capricorn archetype is the Father, ruled by Saturn the planet of time. We can use this energy to move forward with discipline, if we decide to listen to our inner task master. This is a time to do the things we really don’t want to do , but need to do. Be patient and take one step at a time and gradually you will get things done in Capricorn style.


Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune

Frogs are a sensitive creatures , they have permeable skin that absorbs toxic materials. If there are lots of frogs in an area, that indicates a healthy environment. A frog die-off indicates a problem with water, air or soil in their habitat. Pisces moon conjunct Neptune is tuned into sensitivities like an amphibian. Be mindful of what you put in your body today as we may feel extra sensitive to it. Check the caffeine, alcohol and sugar levels in your diet and stay well hydrated…..We can also be in a mood to take time for ourselves, taking an escapist route or avoiding any unnecessary negative energy.

Compassion comes naturally today, you may help others just by listening. Music can transport us as well, if you have a music channel that chooses your favorites , tune in & change the mood instantly ! Neptune & Pisces rule the feet maybe elevating them to take off the pressure or soaking in water ~ taking a tub , sauna or swimming. Some positive Pisces/Neptune keywords to reflect on today : Music , intuition , comforting , sentimental , evasive , healing , dreams , creativity , insight and vision.